Pedal to Go! Pedal to Stop! Thee Coaster Brake Chronicles-
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    Cool-blue Rhythm Pedal to Go! Pedal to Stop! Thee Coaster Brake Chronicles

    A place for coaster brake tech and ride info:

    Sturmey Archer

    SRAM | Incremental enhancements. Perpetual improvements. Revolutionary Innovation.

    Bicycle Coaster Brakes
    Lots of links here

    Home of the Coaster Brake
    Complete wheels here

    I hope this thread can answer some questions and spur lots more.

    Here's one from 5/27/13:

    Pretty much a straight forward Redline MonoCog 29er with a custom built rear coaster braked wheel

    Simplicity & Fun!
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    Thanks for links! Trying to help friend rebuild a few of his vintage cruisers and one has a 2 speed kick-back...oh the things you find bombing through the threads...

    This was wonderful luck today.

    I'll follow along because I'm curious how the coaster Cog works out. Sort of eyeballin' a Transition Klunker but just keep seeing me take out my front teeth on the bars landing one of my less than perfect hops over something Thanks!!
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    Cool-blue Rhythm


    This bike works great, at first I had to really concentrate on not pedaling backwards to reset for objects. Even in an F-up the brake is not the kind that will rocket you out over the bars. These brakes are really more of slower downers, and when they do lock the tire skids.

    This coaster brake even for a cheapy Taiwanese has a place where it actually free coasts, and I can use that as a mini pedal reset without having the brake come on, and you can adjust the amount of play you want to have as far as pedal rotation before the brake comes on but it will also effect your power being applied later in pedal rotation. Also larger cogs extend these times, worth it if you take the time to play with adjustments.

    I have higher gearing on this CBer, than I normally run 36/19... rather than my usual 32/22 or 32/20 on regular braked SSer. I can notice something else that a friend and I were discussing with a CB hub the power input is different. The CB hub has a softer smoother, drive when you hit the pedals. It seems as if it applies the torque of the pedals differently, but freewheel drive has to click in then power up. Kinda clunky compared to a CB hub. I might just be dreaming.

    The simplicity is simply amazing, just ride it worry about nothing, the clean look of the handlebars is really cool, nothing to catch on anything. I'm faster in sections on my local trails mainly through corners.

    If you have the chance to build a CBer it is worth the experience.

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