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    Pc-1 ?

    I recently put together another singlespeed.

    I have a brand new ss-specific crainring up front, and a BMX cog (not a freewheel) on the rear (on an old XT hub/cassette body). For a chain, I've been using an old Sram that I had lying around -- just until I had the bugs worked out and the "shake-down" ride out of the way. For a finishing touch, I want to put a new chain on the otherwise new drive train.

    I have this PC-1 sitting around (new and in the box) that I picked up some time ago that I've never got around to using.

    I thought I'd put it on this bike, but I've read of "issues" with this chain.

    I hate to "cut corners," and the chain is such a critical component where failure can easily translate to disaster -- I'm concerned.

    Would you use the PC-1 if you had it, or would you opt for something else?
    What would you use instead?

    One other thing -- , while I've been wrenching on bikes for years, this whole 1/8" chain vs 3/16" chain business has me confused. Can someone shed some light? What goes where? Can you mix-n-match? (I'm such a dumazz)


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    I'm running PC-1 chains on both my ss bikes this year. I have had no problems at all; I can recommend the PC-1 without reservation.

    I don't recommend mixing and matching 1/8 and 3/32 parts. I guess some combinations work, or at least work for a while. But why bother? I committed to 1/8 last year, and have enjoyed much success.

    Best of luck,

    Joe Partridge

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    i find if your gonna use 3/32" rings use a chain that width.

    for 1/8" stuff use that chain.

    i use 3/32" on my offroad singlespeed, 3/32 on my commuter singlspeed, and 1/8" on my commuter fixie. i have no problems with either.

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