Paul's hub bearing replacement-
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    Paul's hub bearing replacement

    I'm a bit of a shade tree mechanic, but I've never taken the bearings (cartridge) out of a wheel. My rear wheel for my SS has a Puals disk hub. I took out the axle due to the wheel sounding abnormal and found the drive side bearing to be in a nearly frozen position. The non-drive side spins like butter, but the drive side bearing is very rough to turn.

    Any one have "step by steps" on how to replace and what tools are needed?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Gently tap out the bearing with a long screwdriver (work around the edges so it comes out straight).
    Clean up the hub shell.
    Press the new bearing in using a socket and a vice or hammer. go slow and be sure it goes in straight.

    I like to pack the bearing with extra grease before I install it.
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