Park Chain Line Gauge (CLG-2) on a SS-
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    Park Chain Line Gauge (CLG-2) on a SS

    So I'm getting more into riding singlespeed (BUSS) and converted my commuter ('73 LeJuene) to SS. The Hammerhead 100 is gathering dust. Anyway, wanting to get my SS chainlines dialed in I bought a Park CLG-2 chainline gauge It's kind of an extendable metal ruler that clamps to a rear cog and extends the chainline forward to the chainring so you can see where it falls.

    The instructions show it clamped to a rear cog, but on a SS with horizontal dropouts that's a problem because if the rear wheel is even slightly askew it will project forward at an angle and you can't really read the chainline. So what I did is clamp the gauge on the chainring and extend that towards the rear cog. Works great and I now have both bikes dialed-in to within 1mm.

    I've tried visually sighting along the chainring, and also measuring the chainline with digital calipers, and neither technique was as accurate as this $22 tool. Well worth it IMHO.

    Here's some shots of setting up the commuter tonight, had to move the chainring to the inside of the spider to get it right on.
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    That's funny. I didn't know such a thing existed. I've either used one of those big metal "L"-shaped rulers or a laser pointer, but this thing seems more accurate. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Nice TA cranks! I've used the same tool also - works great for geared of ss use.

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