Pardon my ignorance but...-
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    Pardon my ignorance but...

    How do you correctly make spacers for your rear cog? I'm currently trying to set my old HT up as a SS and I can't seem to get spacers cut correctly from a 1 1/4inch PVC pipe. I can't seem to get the spacers cut "flat". Also, is there an obvious way to figure out how wide to make the spacers so my chain line is straight?

    FWIW, I'm trying to stick a 20cog in the place of my 9 speed cassette, and use homemade spacers to set it up right. On the front I'll just take my extra rings off, keeping my middle 32. I got small spacers for that already bought. If there's another easy/cheap and not painfully heavy way to do this, please let me know.


    PS. Yes, I really have no clue what I'm doing and any advice/flames would be helpful. Oh yeah, on chain tension I'm hoping to find the "perfect" ratio for my chain stay length so no tensioner is needed. Figured 32:20 was as good a place to start as any.

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    Check the FAQ up top and to the right, and a miter box is one way to get it straight.

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    I use 1/4" PVC tube for my spacers. I have a small miter box that I got at Home Depot, I'll cut 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" pieces as needed in order to fill the space and use a cassete spacer with the lockring to lock everything in place.

    When all the spacers are aligned, I measure the lenght of all the spacers together and cut a larger piece of tube so only one spacer will be between the hob and cog.

    Will try to post pics later today (I'm @ work).

    All these small spacers are done just once, after all the measuring is done they're no longer needed (i keep them as spares).

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    Sand em' flat. I simply cut mine a bit wider than necessary and useed heavy grit sand paper to level them out. Worked great.

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    Thks for the tips. Awesome FAQ too. I got a miter box (15 bucks, Lowe's), but apparently dropping out of shop in highschool was a bad idea...either that or the saw that came with the miter box sucks. My hacksaw with finer teeth cuts the PVC much better. Least now with the miter box I'm actually getting something I can work with.

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    saws that work

    You can use a powered miter saw or table saw for easy quick straight cuts. One of your neighbors will have one if you don't. Or bum a few old spacers from your LBS
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