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    Painting me bike, Any tips?

    Has anyone here ever paint their bike, frame or whatever (probably have this being a SS forum, every SS is unique)?

    I've got a old steel rigid commuter MTB and:
    - what are the best brand/s, type of paints to use?
    - application method/s?
    - other forms of bike porn?
    - prep. for steel/alloy/other?
    - 'nude' frame (clear coated)?
    - the all important masking method?

    got pics?
    how to take care of 'spot-rusting'?

    I started a thread already:

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    Search the forum, there're plenty of threads about this.

    Here's a link to my project, hope this helps

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    Strong knows finishes!

    check out this link to the Strong Frames site:

    quite insightful. if you have the dough, roll it!
    Spinning and Grinning...

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    A couple of teasers of the bike. Unmodified yet...

    Should be ready in a couple of weeks or a month and over.

    Dropout spacing has been streach to 135mm to take MTB hubs.

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    OK, here are the pics of mine. There are lots of them, so scroll through them all.

    This is the end result of about 2 weeks or work, 3 coats of primer, about 5 of colour and 3 of clear.

    Most important tips:

    1. Get the frame sandblasted before you start.
    2. Masking is good.
    3. Enamel paint from a rattlecan works (see above pics) - don't forget to use primer first!!!
    4. Lots of thin coats, and sand between each coat.
    5. Don't forget the lacquer.

    Enjoy - it's worth it.

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    Okay, since you mentioned commuter I figured you might want to do this for very little cost, so here's the method for the uh......budget minded method . Get frame that is already painted. I just did this on an old surly frame that has seen better days. I was mainly concerned with rust but it was starting to look like 20 miles of bad road too. Anyway, I left the paint on there and decided to just use it as primer (no sense in reinventing the wheel). I sanded the entire frame using about 300 grit sandpaper. This takes a while. Just makes sure the entire frame is good and scuffed up. I also sanded off all surface rust. I then washed the whole thing with water. Then I wiped it down with paint thinner and then wiped it dry just to make sure it was totally clean. You want to make sure that there isn't any dirt or lint on there. Now, I grabbed my super secret paint (Plastikote Anti-Rust Enamel). I think it costs like $5 a can. Hold the can about 18 inches away and sweep it over the frame. My first reaction was, oh my god, this is going to take like 3 million coats, but it doesn't. All of a sudden it will start to fill-in. Once again, the key is very light coats and wait like 5 minutes between each coat (just follow the directions on the can). If you go too fast it'll drip. The other thing to note is that the paint is for the color ONLY. After the frame is the color you want for godsakes stop painting! Now, I let it sit for 30 minutes I believe and then applied thin coats of Plastikote SUV clearcoat. I kept applying the clearcoat until I ran out (1 can). The key to this is the same thing as the paint, thin coats and let it dry for 5 minutes between coats. Then, let it sit for 7 days. Yep, a whole week. It killed me too.

    The end result is actually pretty nice considering it cost me about $15 . The paint is not completely smooth which I think is a function of the large paint droplets from the spray bottle. It doesn't look completely ripply. You just can't see your perfect reflection in it. I'll try to get some pictures up. We'll see how it holds up.

    Oh ya, for masking, I stuck rags in teh bottom bracket shell, seat tube, and headtube .


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