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    Paging P-Funk (Chameleon schtuff)

    Here's some pics for you...

    Keep them wide.
    <img src=''>

    So you can get a feel for size.
    <img src=''>

    Nice color, eh?
    <img src=''>

    Pre-2003 disc-tabs.
    <img src=''>

    Again, for size.
    <img src=''>

    Some other tidbits...the headtube is the thickest I've ever seen--at least 6 mm, probably more. The gussets are plentiful on the pre-2003 models, but they added a really fat one at the HT/DT/TT junction (I would hardly say it's necessary, but what the hell, right?). They also have a fatter seat-tube on the 04s--30 mm, or thereabouts, opposed to the 27.2 on mine. The stays will clear a 2.7 Maxis fine, but with not much mud room; I've yet to try a 3.0 Gazzi (who needs that much tire?), but, with careful wheel placement--the stays have a large, ovalized cutout for tires--it might happen. It's not only the stiffest, but also the most forgiving aluminum bike I've ever ridden. That said, it's still aluminum, and my next bike will be steel, with very similar, if not identical, geometry. Any more questions? ErictheRed has spent more time on his than I on mine, and it might be worth probing him, too, though his has always been geared.
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    Mine's getting there..................

    Can't wait, ALL I need to do is get my ENO Freewheel, Hub and Cranks, then build the wheels and Voila'!!!
    Are you runnin' a 34/18 with the discs?

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    Thanks Sdizzle

    Thanks Sdizzle for posting that for me. It looks like a good entry-level ss frame for me.
    I would actually prefer steel also, I think, but the Seven Sola steel that I want is a little pricey. Has anyone seen the Hammerhead ss frame? Check it out here:

    Hey Sdizzle, how tall are you?

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    aw man, you SSing too?

    Aosty gave me an old Trek 8500 I'm gonna pimp out six ways from sunday with all retro purple ano parts if I can find them.

    You will learn to climb soooooo fast!

    Post pix of your project, and I'll post mine (once I get a new camera).

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