So, I came home yesterday and saw a package in the house at the front door. My wife said it was for me so I thought for sure that it was my GeoMan battery replacement. I mean, I haven't ordered anything recently so that is really all it could be...right??? But when I looked at the label I noticed it was from China with all sorts of hyrgliphics on it. Sure enough it had my name and address on it though. At this point, I realized that it could very well be a package from the guy I sold my old GT to. He and I swapped emails for a while but then sort of fell off.

In any case, I opened up the box and found a few trinkets from China. Little suvenier sort of things. Most of which I gave to my girls. But in a bubble wrapped bag was a...seriously, get this...Tune front hub! I then began digging through the box looking for a second hub. A rear one to be specific. But none was to be found.

Ok, I know that different countries have different customs and what not but I am totally blown away by this.

Here is a link I posted in the WW section as I was/am checking on authentisity at this point. The issue I have is that it is only drilled for 12 spokes. From what I have seen on Posh bikes and other places, the least drillings I have found is 16. Unless someone ordered it custom from Tune and had it drilled for 12. None the less, it would appear that this hub has never been built up into a wheel set. Did I mention that this thing only weighs 78 grams on my scale??? I think an XT skewer weighs that much!

In any case, not sure what I am going to do with it at this point. I mean, there is no way in hell I am going to ride a 12 spoke wheel on my rigid ss. I also don't have a WW road bike at this point and still don't think I would ride 12 front wheel on that. It could always be drilled to 24 as there is definitely space and I don't think it would sacrifice strength (always an issue) but I still don't have a rim or bike to use it on.

In any case, here's the link to the other thread w/ a picture of it. Must say, it was quite a pleasant surprise.