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Thread: origin 8 cogs?

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    origin 8 cogs?

    I have a nephew who is young, struggling, and has a baby. He is trying to start riding and has been doing a lot of 5 and 7 miles rides on an old Roadmaster POS that someone gave him. I got an old mongoose rockadile frame and fork set that needs TLC. It needs a headset which I can get at Niagra Cycle for less than 10 bucks. It needs new V brakes. It needs brake cables. I have a set of Avid levers to throw on. I got a set of wheels off an old Trek laying in a junk pile that has a rear free hub. (I assume the wheels are ok but I will have to spin them and see if they are badly untrue or bent) I also snagged the 110 BCD Shimano cranks off that bike which has bolt on chainrings as well as the square taper serviceable BB from the Trek as well (the mongoose BB was trashed). So my Idea is to use old cassette spacers for rear hub spacers and an Origin 8 cog. I really need to keep this on the downlow on price as much as possible. I wish I could find more used bikes to rob brakes off of.

    So my question is about Origin 8......I know the Origin 8 cogs are cheap. I know they are not fat at the base. But will they work well for a steel freehub body like a shimano hub?

    This is as budget a SS build as I have ever done as he will be required to pay me for whatever parts I have in it. The cheaper the better!

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    I have an Origin8 cog on an old set of SS wheels here, but remember, it's old, so don't hold me to this - but, I'm almost certain those cogs have a flange on one side to offset them a little, and it DOES give it a wider base than just the width of the cog. At any rate, I never had any problem with mine. Those wheels simply got retired because they aren't tubeless, and the new ones are. They hang on the wall in case I need a spare.

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    That's good to know. I will probably grab one for this project.

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    even the stamped steel bmx cogs work fine on steel free hubs in my experience

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