one-up the gearie brag thread-
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    one-up the gearie brag thread

    i really get a kick out of this kind of story. people think riding SS is crazy until they try it.

    a few weeks ago I went to a trail that has some great xc loops and a freeride/DJ section. i watched some FS gearie riders doing some wild drops that i would not try on my rigid SS bike. later i got to the freeride section and the FS guys were afraid of the downhill slalom run, but i think they were more afraid of the climb to the top. i charged up it and i heard one of them say "see, the single-speed guy is doing it."

    i ran the slalom course, slowly, and made it to the bottom alive. i climbed to the top of the hill again to the other slalom course that has more jumps and berms in it. there were two FR kids with jump bikes and platform pedals, full face helmets and the full gear. i asked them about the gully i had just done and one of them said "do that on a rigid bike? you'll die, that's the dumbest thing i've heard all day." i told him that was funny because i did it a few minutes ago.

    I am not a super stud rider. i don't go fast or take big hits or anything. but i think riders often underestimate their abilities according to their equipment. your stories...?

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    I think it's funny that all these people fall for the marketing ploys of the big bicycle companies that tell them the MUST have a Full Suspension bike with 27 different gears just because it's available.....what's even funnier is that where I live there are no climbs, no bomber down hills, no drops, no crazy jumps, no rocks, just flat fast single track yet I see most riders I encounter on those FS 27 geared bikes while I pass them on my rigid SS. Oh well, I guess it's their choice if they want to haul all that crap around on their bike.

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