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    On-One/Novatec/Woodman hub -- performance worth the weight?


    I'm having new ss disc wheels built and I will most likely be going with the On-One/Noavtec/Woodman disc hub for the rear. The only negative I've read regarding the hub is the weight. I know there are lighter, higher-zoot hubs out there, but, for me, the only viable options are said hub, the IRO disc hub (also a heavy cassette hub), and the Surly disc/flip-flop.

    I guess what I am asking is the performance of the hub superior to what else it out there, given the weight and price? Are there other options that I should be aware of?

    I appreciate the advice.


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    it's more like the price is worth the weight. The performance isn't really anything special, engagement is somewhere between 20 and 30pts. The bearings in those suckers seem to last. 5 or 6 people around here have those hubs and their bearings are fine. Nashbar's is the best...
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    Weight isn't as big a deal...

    when you factor in the weight of your favorite freewheel. The Novatec weight (per QBP) is 640g. The Surly disc hub with a White Ind ENO freewheel (537g). Not that much difference. I've had the Novatec for about a year now and it's been great...and changing gear ratios is much easier with the cassette driver than it is with freewheels. Buy it without thinking about it again IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by futonrvltnst
    The only negative I've read regarding the hub is the weight.
    I have 2 years on my Novatec disc hub and have had no issues. I would go through 3-5 ACS freewheels a year on my older SS bikes. Although the wheel builder claimed to have thrown his back out while lifting the hub to lace the wheels up. If the weight bothers you, just leave the wheel on the bike and you'll forget about it; just get out and mash.

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    I rode a Novatec

    for a couple of years and had no problems, then I gave it to someone else, and I guess that they are still riding the hub. It works better than no hub, and unless you are going to invest in a Eno freewheel I would really suggest a cassette type hub. Replacing the bearings is pretty easy and the hub works well. After riding SS for five maybe six years I still don't get this engagement thing, I think it is a very real issue, but for me, over hyped. If the hub engages I am happy. I liked my Novatec and if I hadn't gotten a Phil Wood as a gift, I would still be riding it. Ed

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    On- One owner here...

    ...mines survived 3 UK winters now. I've had to change the bearings in the hubshell once, but that was a 10 min job. Its a hub. It works. Its heavy...<<shrugs>>

    TBH I think Brant designed it for the dirt jump boys, rather than a bunch of gaylord XC singlespeeders ;-)

    If the weight is an issue, why not just use a normal Shimano/Hope/Whatever 9 speed hub and some spacers? I've never heard of a wheel folding on an XCish SS (as opposed to a DJ bike), sheerly because of the torque going through it.

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    Novatech = bombproof

    Have had a Novatech hub for about 4 years now, decided to replace the 4! sealed cartridge bearings and clean and regrease the freehub at around 3000 miles a couple of years ago. It's been lent out, come back, gone out again, ridden and jumped and dropped here in the wet PacNW on rooty ratchety slam trails. Cleaning consists of blasting it with the garden hose when muddy. Supports adjustable chainline (cogs can be arranged at various positions).

    Possibly the only part I haven't broken, and that may be saying something.

    Actually has pretty quick engagement, not much worse than a King hub.

    Only potential d ownside is bolt on axle, tho I hear someone has made it quick release, somewhere.

    In short, buy it, build it up, forget about it, perhaps the eSSense of SS.

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    It is heavy, but so am I

    I have the On-One version going on two plus years up here in the pacific northwet, and I am just now thinking about replacing the bearings when I get the Q/R axle from Woodman. The freehub looks no worse for the wear even when using a shimano dx cog. The engagement is good, and it is so far indestructible. I did have to replace a spoke about two months ago, but that was due to a big stick, and the spoke hole still looked fine.
    I built the bike to be strong, not light, so I never worried that much about the weight.
    All in all, a great cassette hub, I would recommend it highly.
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