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    Ok, tire choice time!

    I've got a wheelset in the process of being built. Now I need some shoes.

    The bike:

    Misfit diSSent (29er), built up reasonably light. Hoops are hope/355. Its meant to be lightweight but not fragile. Gearing is 32/21 which is somewhat spinny for an SS but even so traction has never been a problem.

    Rider/Style: 165 lbs, general XC. I don't ride aggressively, meaning not a lot of drops if any. I prefer mild to steep climbing. Trails are sierra style. Generally hardpack, sometimes dusty/sandy, sometimes boulders to scramble up.

    I'm looking for a tire that is as light as possible without giving up everyday durability and traction. Everyday riding + occasional racing. I've seen people running their 29er SS bike with racing ralphs and ravens but I wonder if those are race bike or if they're training/riding on them as well?

    FWIW I've been riding 2.2 nevagals and they seems clunky/heavy but were necessary to survive Vegas riding. Now that I'm back in tahoe I think I can go lighter.

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    I've never felt the need to switch out the Racing Ralph from the front yet.

    Out back I had a Crow until it got muddy, then put on an ExiWolf and today mounted a SB8 for when the trails dry out a little.

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    I like the racing ralphs a lot, they've held up well considering the sidewall thickness. Jones XR have also been really fun on the rock and hardpack.
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    small blocks 8's since i preordered them in 2006. i dont like change much so i just stick to what i know... for every condition and trail.

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    Nanos are durable and offer more traction than you would expect.

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