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    Oiling ACS Claws free wheels

    Does anyone have a tip on keeping ACS Claws freewheels spinning smoothly. It seems that about 3 months into a new freewheel it begins to creek. What type of grease or oil would anyone recommend.

    I guess a white industries free wheel should not have these problems since it has seal bearings and its also 6x more expensive..
    thanks in advance...........................................

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    the only way i've found to keep an acs from clunking/grinding/etc is to replace it with an eno. go for it, you won't regret it.
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    I got this advice, tried it and it's seemed to have worked well. Get some Mobile 1 synthetic gear oil (stress gear) at any automotive store. 90 wt I think. Soak your freewheel for as long as you want. I've got a couple and have em just sitting in a coffee can of the stuff. Soak em, spin em, soak em, spin em. I had a real rough FW and it smoothed it out completely. The stuff's like $5-10. Worth it. Cheaper than an ENO. S

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    ENO Freewheel

    With an ENO freewheel, you never ever have to worry, and they are rebuildable, so the investing in one is a very good thing.

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