Nothing a Shimano QR Couldn't Cure-
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    Nothing a Shimano QR Couldn't Cure

    I've been having an issue with my SASS, where the front disc brake was seemed to be battling out out with the front tire. This really didn't make sense until I realized the front QR was failing to hold the wheel straight in the dropouts. The disc was actually pulling the wheel out of the disc side dropout while braking and the tire was rubbing on the inside of the fork. Interestingly enough, this only happened under heavy braking and would return to a relatively normal position when I stopped to check it out. Now this is not to diss Stan's ZTR wheels because they rock, but the QR's are trash; it seems none of these exterior cam QR's can hold their own. I already replaced the rear ZTR QR with a Shimano as it would not hold in horizontal dropouts, even with a chain-tug! The Shimano QR on the front is now holding with no problems. I weighed a rear Deore QR at 64 gms and the Stan's at 57 gms; but this little weight should not be the determining factor on QR's that are notorious for their weakness. I see Velo Orange has some shiny Campy style QR's that have SASS written all over them (135gm @ pair). I let you know haw they work..
    Just one more rep and I get the toaster!

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    I swear by my XT's , sure they dont add to the bling quotient but they work every time .

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    My rear wheel on my SASS, the original Spot Hub, was shifting all the time recently. The bearings got toasted. Put new ones in and rode it again. Bearings were buttery smooth before and after the ride but the wheel shifted again and the axle now has a crack. The serrated washers were pretty beat. I had 2 tugs and socked the bolts down tight. I now have a nashbar/novatec/woodman/specialized hub in the back with a real steel axle and nuts - not bolts. I will be trying it this weekend. I do have the original WTB QR up front and it does come loose. I might pull a shimano out of the box and put it on. I picked up this rear wheel from a guy cheap. He took it off his P1 a while back.


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    I think new xtr QR's provide 1200lbs of clamping force.

    Looking that exact number up now...

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    Shimano QR's are definitely pretty bomber. I remember a magazine test back in the day that rated campy QRs as the best with something like 1200 pounds of clamping force, shimano second with 1100 or so, and I think Salsa third. My most recent salsa qr is nowhere near as good as the one I had in the 90's though, so I think their quality may not have gotten the memo about moving over to QBP.

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    External vs Internal

    External cam skewers have always loosened up on me at some point and time. It is worse on disc brake equipped bikes, but I've had it happen with cheap skewers as well as Salsa's, Hope's etc. If you want some "bling" skewers, go ask your lbs how much it would be to order a pair of Dura-Ace or XTR skewers. If price is any indication, then those are the most sweet internal cam skewers on the market.

    Campy and Shimano skewers are the best.

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    I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. I use some cheapy TransX skewers. The front one let my front wheel slip. I only noticed it under braking. I stopped and checked it out, and found that I didn't have it clamped very tightly. I snugged it up quite a bit and it's been fine since then.


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    Been riding for about twenty five years and all the bikes i have owned get the qrs changed for shimano.One component that i really do trust.Steel has a reputation for good reason.

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    It's a big deal, especially with disc brakes. Check those QRs EVERY ride!

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