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    Not the brightest . . .

    I don't know jack and new to SS so sorry for the long post.
    I have a chain tension question and as it says, I am no bike mechanic. I noticed that after getting the chain tension where I wanted it, 1/2 inch play, it seemed to loosen up. I messed with it for a while and noticed that with the crank at certain positions the chain was tighter than at other positions. Spent a lot of time checking dimensions to see if something was off. Pulled the crank/BB off, measured the hole to hole spacings even. After putting it all back together it seems like when I turn the crank the chain gets tight, as in the play goes to nothing after I stop turning the crank. If I pinch the chain top and bottom towards each other the chain loosens up, noticably. Everything is tight, the sliding dropouts are not moving and when I spin the crank again same thing happens.
    Sorry for my obvious ignorance but Is this normal?

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    Sometimes chains have tightspots. I know it occurs with cheaper chains.

    My HG53 I ran on my BMX bike was slightly like that. On my cousin's street BMX bike, his chain has more noticeable tight spots. It's normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoorBehavior
    Is this normal?
    Yes. At least not uncommon. Chainrings are rarely perfectly round.
    Sheldon Brown has some good tips on minimizing this problem.

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    Hey, thanks for the replies guys, should have asked before taking the drivetrain apart.
    Thanks for the link too FTM, can use all the help.

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