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    No more Dingle!

    Yes! I can banish any thoughts of dinglespeeding!

    There is this mountain road I ride for training, and every time I reach the extended climb portion, I wimp out and shift down on my 26FS Geared (but soon to be 29 Rigid). But today, riding alone, and with encouragement from fellow SS posters here, I was determined to conquer the trip on a single gear. No dinglespeed accepted - no other lower gear to chicken out to - just me, the mountain, and one gear.

    And I did it! 32:20 all the way to the top. On a shorter, less steep path I used 32:23 before and battled my way mostly seated. Today, however, 32:20, which forced me to stand and mash away up the hill.

    The extended climb section on which I would normally gear down, I stayed and mashed at 32:20, albeit with 3 rest stops instead of continuously spinning like before. But despite stopping to catch my breath, the success has shown me that I can do it.

    I stayed true to singlespeeding, as well. The downhill portions I would normally shift up to get more speed. But to really get a sense of true singlespeeding, I stayed at 32:20, which was infuriatingly slow at the flats.

    Hmm, perhaps I will have to think dinglespeed for road...

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    Way to keep it real, brutha.


    We don't quit riding because we get old.
    We get old because we quit riding.

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    You'll get better. Ride fixed or SS on the road and your off road climbs will become easier. You'll also improve your spin considerably.

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    I do SS because I'd shift if I had the option. Nice work.

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    Singlespeed Mashing Techniques

    Standing brought to light new mashing methods I never thought of using before. When I mashed before, I was standing and supporting my weight over the handlebar. I would push down on the handlebar to support some body weight so not to tire out my legs. I thought strong triceps and shoulders would be the limit to upper body strength needed for singlespeeding.

    But as I stood up more and mashed on steeper inclines, I found my weight insufficient to provide enough torque to the cranks to keep movement forward. I found that while pushing down on a crank, I would pull up on the opposite side of the handlebar along with pulling up on the opposite crank as well. That provided me with a significant amount of torque to power up the hill. Now I understand why fellow SS posters have been saying it is a full body workout instead of just legs. Not only are my triceps sore, my biceps and back got a workout as well. Now this is a true total body workout.

    But I also discovered when my arms tire out, I would basically hug the handlebar and mash - quite like a road bike mashing position - and it is quite effective as well.

    What mashing methods is everyone using?

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    I have a light mashing technique I use that employs shifting my weight back and forth. I throw my weight forward just before I power stroke then do nearly a track stand as I get set for the next thrust. I use my body weight going forward as well as my weight pushing down on the pedals.

    I find this to be a little easier.

    Now if it's a steep incline, it's the pull on the bars to compound the force to the pedals. But I can only las so long with this. But for slightly less incline, the above mentioned technique lets me go a lot longer.
    Just get out and ride!

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