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    Niner Biocentric 30 EBB -- Good, Bad or Just OK?

    Hey SSers, looking for some feedback from those that are running the Biocentric 30 EBB.

    Has it been quiet? Is it easy to adjust? Anyone have to change the bearings? If so, did they last a reasonable amount of time?

    What bike are you using the EBB with?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Air 9 Carbon set up as SS of course. I have had very little trouble with the EBB. I have to take off a crank arm to adjust the EBB. You can only put 12mn of torque on the two bolts within the EBB. I feel like the chain get a little loose over a four or five rides but nothing that would fall off the sprockets. Its a little harder to run an oval front ring as you have to give a little room on the wide side and have a little slack on the narrow. You use a GXP bottom bracket that is threaded into the EBB. Works fine. I use plumbers putty on the surface of the EBB to help with creaking and easy of movement. I think Niner recommended to use it. I fget about a season or two out of the GXP BB.

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    I run the biocentric EBB on my 2016 Sir9. I know lots of people hate on the EBB but I find that the EBB is perfectly fine if you use care adjusting and maintaining it. IMO, you MUST use a torque wrench when adjusting. Plumbers putty works well. I think some folks run into problems if they get plumbers putty on the outer flange of the EBB (the flange that makes contact with the outer BB shell - that HAS to be super clean).
    SIR 9 SS

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    Bio II has been great on many bikes for me. Occasional creak when it gets really dirty, but nothing bad.

    I had OK luck with Bio 1, as long as it had the Oatley joint compound on it.

    Have used them on:
    Air9 Carbon
    Air9 RDO

    That said, I much prefer sliders. I HATE having to screw with my saddle height and fore/aft when changing gears.

    Oh wait, you asked about the Bio 30. I'm stupid. Please disregard.

    In that case, I haven't used their product. But I have used the Team Beer and a Problem Solvers EBB. Both were fine.

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