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    A Night Alone with My Ride

    So last night I took my ride out to the trail for a special night together. It's been 4 weeks since we hung out due to some knee issues, but I was feeling good yesterday and decided to do something special for my ride. We got to the trail around 7:30, just around dusk. The frogs were ribbeting, the cricket were chirping, and the lightenbugs were in the thousands. It was almost magical.

    As I was getting ready to ride, I noticed most of the riders from the local Thursday afterwork ride were heading out, so I knew the trail would be wide open for some quality time with my ride.

    The trail was in excellent condition, smooth and fast with little dust due to the recent rain that helped settle everything down a bit. The first couple miles were open, smooth double track that is a good warm up. It goes out around a fairly large lake and runs along a ridge. Looking down from the trail on the moonlit lake was very calming, similar to an early morning ride with new dew and spiderwebs still covering the trail.

    About 4 miles into the trail there is a long fire road, about 3/4 mile long, that runs downhill through some vacant primitive camping areas. With the moon at almost full, and the lightenbugs blanketed throughout the forest, I couldn't resist the chance to shift my weight back behind my seat, extend the arms, and cut off the lights for a brief moment. Very surreal and peaceful feeling.

    I was only going about 10-12 mph but the moon light was casting a ghostly shadow in front of me that only appeared when I wasn't looking at it. All around me in the woods were nothing but what looked like fields of lightening bugs. I left the light off for what seemed about 30 seconds and eventually came to a slow stop to just take it all in.

    At this point I was still about 10 miles from the end of my loop I was going to do and decided to throw the headphones on and crank up the Floyd. The rest of the ride was rolling smooth singletrack through deep woods with little underbrush. Even without my light, I was able to see really well deep into the woods and everything seemed to have a very natural feeling to it.

    By far one of the coolest rides I've been on in a while. It helped I haven't ridden the ss in over 4 weeks but I thought it was worthy of a write up with a little more detail than, "I love my ss."

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    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like it was a great ride, and long overdue.

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    We don't quit riding because we get old.
    We get old because we quit riding.

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    better than any romance novel.

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    Ride was long overdue indeed.

    I took my camera to take some pics but my ride was too afraid I would show them off to all my friends and post them on the internet.

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    Oops, ****ed that up.

    Looks like a cool story though. I've been drinking though, so I'll work on the comprehension part tomorrow.

    This better be about midget porn,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crosstown Stew View Post
    So last night I took my ride out to the trail for a special night together.
    Did you use protection?

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    No need, she's "fixed"

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