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    Newbie New Bike Help

    I'm new to biking and forums, so please forgive any ignorance...

    Iím currently riding a Redline Monocog, which I got cheap on Craigslist two sizes too small when I wasn't sure about my commitment to riding, but now Iím ready to upgrade.

    Iím looking for simplicity, ease of DIY maintenance, and flexibility to change cogs, which makes me want to stay with track ends like my Monocog. It just seems easier and less maintenance than EBBs. Also, track ends have fewer parts than sliding dropouts and chain tensioners and just look better then these two options in my opinion.

    I donít have any personal experience with disc brakes and from reading Sheldon Brown, he seems to shy away from them for single speeds. I donít think I really need disc brakes for the riding Iím doing and they cost more. However, it seems like the industry is really moving towards them.

    My questions are this:

    A.) I can only find the Surly Orge and Redline Monocog that have both track ends and linear-pull brake mounts. Are there more?

    B.) Since itís almost impossible to not get disc brakes, am I wrong to not really want them? SS riders with track ends and disc brakes, what feedback can you give?

    C.) Riders with experience with track ends, EBBs, and sliding dropouts, can you persuade me away from track ends?

    Thanks for any help!

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    I can't help you with A - I specifically do not like other brake options. Disc brakes are superior.

    For B, I think you're wrong to not want disc brakes. Yes, the worst disc brakes I used were not as good as the best rim brakes I used, but if you aren't buying a walmart bike, I don't think you need to worry about it. I ride a Nashbar SS 29er (big thread on here about them) that I upgraded the brakes on to BB7's - not because they stock brakes were horrible, but because to my way of thinking, being able to slow down or stop when you NEED to is, perhaps, the most important feature going. As for feedback about the setup - frankly, the Nashbar SS is the most fun I remember for $400.

    No personal experience with EBB, but like all tech, there's nightmare stories about them, and also people who won't go any other way. But track ends are quite reliable.

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    Sounds to me like you should just get another monocog that is the right size for you. Nothing wrong with that at all. It was my first bike and I rode the crap out of it and loved every minute of it.
    You like V brakes... Nothing wrong with that either, but if youre looking for a frame that is a step above entry level I don't think youre going to find anything with v brake bosses. Just a sign of the times.
    But my opinion is that disk brakes and other types of drop outs are nothing to be afraid of, most work well (although I personally will stay away from ebb's).

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    Not to mention that V brakes will also limit your wheel choices too.

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    I was one of the last rim brake hold outs in my area, but switched to discs the year Sheldon Brown passed away. Here's the reason:

    not so great in snow.

    I ran discs on a Karate Monkey for 4 years, and really had now issues with pad alignment as the chain elongates. I wouldn't make disc brakes a make or break on frame choice.

    That being said, I think the Soma Juice still has canti mounts.

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