New to SS - Some questions...Chainring bolts?-
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    New to SS - Some questions...Chainring bolts?


    Yesterday I received a box full of tools from UBS, allowing me to properly get to tearing down and building up my KM. I had been riding it 3X9 with parallel push V-Brakes and, while I enjoy the crap out of it, I decided it was time to give SS a try. So, built a super dope DT Swiss 240s wheel set, caved on the SLX 675's, and bought an Easton carbon hi-rise to round everything out. Oh, and some Candy 2's, my first foray into the terrifying and wonderful world of being stuck to your pedals.

    So, I removed the cranks and took the chainrings off, then attempted to get my new 32t e.13 ring bolted down and realized the bolts that were previously on there for the triple set up are too long. Am I right? Ideally I would get shorter ones, yeah? I don't want to use spacers if I don't have to.

    Once I get that baby mounted, what am I looking for, chain length-wise? I want the wheel as close to the seat tube as possible, but I'm thinking that it might be hard to install and remove the wheel if I make the tolerance too tight. Also, is it generally a good idea to bring an extra link and a replacement pin while singlespeeding?

    I will post pictures of the bike in its various stages of build as I remember to.

    Thanks folks!

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    You could add a bash where the big ring would have mounted and that will take up some space. Or, cheaper, shorter chainring bolts for a single ring like a 6mm version.

    Chain length will depend on chainring/cog combination. Get the gearing you want and start sizing. Don't do anything to the chain until you have the rest installed. Then get as close to the center of your dropouts and break the chain to the nearest link. Adjust in the drop out for tension.

    I always have at least an extra link with me. If i know i'm going to be in a remote location, i might even bring 2 and about 5-6 links of chain. I've brought a new chain on a few rides, too. I've never needed any of them, btw. Peace of mind. I have given away 5 links to other trail riders i've come across.

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    My bike shop sells shorter barrels for ~$1 each. Or as jetboy said, a bashguard will work.

    Chain length will depend, but you will want to leave some room to move the wheel forward a bit so you can take off the chain. I've read of some people slamming it all the way forward to keep the thieves from stealing the wheel. They would just break the chain when they needed to take off the wheel. Seems silly to me.

    On all of my rides, I bring an extra link and a powerlink (and a chain tool).

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