New REKEN build, ride feedback, and bike pics!.....-
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    New REKEN build, ride feedback, and bike pics!.....

    Well its done! I got my Sette' Reken frame and TORX toolkit in the mail last week. I had my LBS press the headset cups in and install the BB. I built the rest in my living room. Everything went in great! On top of the frame being a steal at $79.99 on sale, it was faced and chased at the factory, and the headtube was faced already so everything was bing bang boom I did replace a couple parts from the Trek build....I went from 23 inch flats to 27 inch riser bars w/ no bar ends, and an 80mm riser stem to a 60mm box style all mountain/ downhill stem.

    - First impressions: Well even from just inside my living room I could tell the bike was built for much rougher terrain then my Trek was. The geo reminds me of a slightly stretched DJ frame. Having ridden it now I actually wouldn't hesitate to slam the seat down and take some smaller dirt jumps with it. Its much heavier than my Trek was, but I've yet to weigh it. Looks wise, my whole bike is all matte black except for my fork, so its definitely bada$$.

    -Riding Impressions: Well I've hit the trails with the bike 2 days now and I love it. It has a lot of Pro's and every Con has a Pro side to it For instance, on the flats and downhills it is FAR superior to my Trek, things that would make for lots of uncomfortable banging on my Trek frame now get soaked up easily by this frame. I am already hucking over obstacles that would make me think twice before. This isn't to say its a full on All-Mountain rig now, but its much closer, and in reality can handle probably bigger hits than I have the balls for on a pedal bike as of now. The wider bars offer more confidence in just about every area of riding , contrary to what I firmly believed up until now. The weight is a slight Con on hills, and the lack of bar ends and geometry is also a slight Con up hills as well. BUT here's the Pro...since the frame is so aggressive and its a singlespeed, my ability to pound up hills over roots and other stuff that would upset my Trek is much higher. So its an even trade off in my opinion. All in all its just where I want it for now. Now I can work further on my high speed handling and jumping skills. My goal is to be deadly on a hardtail by the time I ever decide to get an AM full squish.

    Singlespeed Notes: I got lucky and had the "magic chain" setup...where my chain was the perfect length to get maximum tension and cog wrap with my tensioner. This was awesome to discover. I used the conversion kit AND cassette spacers to get the exact chainline as well. Heres something I think is kind of unique about it. Since the tensioner was at it maximum height and tension, I realized I could also put my 16 tooth cog into the mix nicely tucked away behind the 18 Its only seperated by one small spacer so the chainline would not be that far off using it. All I have to do is unclip the wheel, and pop the chain over onto the 16 tooth if I plan to ride on flatter terrain that day. Then just adjust the tensioner over about 1/8 inch to track the chain. Bam....different ratio

    -Those of you thinking about getting a REKEN but worried about the quality, have no fear this thing is a rock. Pull the trigger on it....the sooner the better...they are 79.99 until 8/31/09!

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    She looks, good. Check your PM's or check my links in my signature.
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