A few months ago I buddy of mine who I occasionally do some bike builds/repairs for gave me a never been built 1995 Dirt Research Bandolier frame and fork in Slate Blue. Since I already have a Stumpy from the same vintage I built with some what current parts, I decided to go the SS route.

First step was to root thru my parts bin and find what I had I could use. I found a set of XTR V-brakes, FSA cranks a BB, saddle, a Thomson 25.4 90mm stem, Sunline bars, a front disc hub, 18t King stainless cog and a pair of pedals. I had to buy a post, Salsa collar & set of Deore V-Brake levers at the LBS (which I work at) to complete the build.

Next up was to build some wheels. I ordered up a Woodman rear SS hub, WTB Dual Duty rims which I laced up 3 cross with black spokes and nipples, except the 2 next to the valve hole which are silver and the 2 next to those are blue.

With the wheels built I tried to find a magic gear. I came close with 32/14 but had just a tad of loose chain which I took up with a 23t ghost ring which worked for a week or so of goofing around till I rode it to work on day. I had just been passed by some roadie who I jumped on his wheel and stayed there for a good mile or so even after the ghost ring fell out. Then it happened, the chain dropped off. That roadie was real surprised some guy on a single speed with knobbies was tailing him for as long as I did. That's the day I installed a Singleator to get home.

The bike has had a few changes, mainly gearing but when a set of Stylo cranks came into the shop I swooped them up and ordered a RaceFace 32t ring and bash guard.

Currently I'm running 32/18t and digging it for most rides.