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    New here, first SS, first post....

    Just sold my 4k road bike and picked up a Surly Karate Monkey SS. I've been a roadie my whole life... now for reason only known deep in my soul, I am heading out to the trails to ride SS mountain. For some reason it seemed the right thing to do. I guess I'm on a quest for purity. I'm here for advice, encouragement, and reflection. Looking forward to the journey. Peace.

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    Remember when you were a kid and got your first proper bike? Remember the fun you had and the huge smile that was always on your face every time you rode it?

    Welcome back to that feeling.

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    Welcome, and great move!

    Quest for purity? Nothing pure about me, mate. Next question...

    Advice? If you've been riding road all your life then we'll assume you have a good base fitness. You'd know from road riding that momentum is your friend, right? Well with SS momentum is more than a friend, it's a demanding lover that gives back as much as you give out. Take momentum out to dinner and buy her flowers.

    Encouragement? Attaboy! There you go. Now turn the computer off and go ride the Surly! You'll hurt and you'll feel like a lame duck for walking some hills but that's part of the experience. Embrace it and you will grow... like the tallest tree in the forest. Some days you will turn that one gear over like you're a motor, other days you'll turn that gear over as though you're cycling through Paris as a tourist. Either way, enjoy the power and speed or enjoy the scenery. Enough zen, next question...

    Reflection? I rode SS today. I've been fighting a cold all week and tonight I'm flat as anything, but for those 3 hours today I was happy, if not exactly firing on all cylinders. Suffered on the last hill which sees some people walking their geared bikes, but I still rode it. Happy. One gear, no suspension. 2km of road, 30km of fireroad and 18km of singletrack. Happy.

    Keep us posted with your experiences!


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    You have seen the light. Welcome my son!
    SS ==> Nut up or Shut up!

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