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    New EBB Retrofit Idea?

    Alright, had an idea tonight, thought I'd throw it out to see if it has any merit.

    Seeing as how the new hot BB bearing setups seem to be external to the BB shell, couldn't a spindle move eccentricly (is that a word) inside the BB shell? If you had a smaller diameter spindle, like a standard square taper, could you retrofit an eccentric collar inside the outboard bearing cups (or a larger cup to accomodate a bearing inside) and move the spindle within the BB shell.

    Seems like there is enough room inside a standard shell a square taper spindle to be adjusted for some tension, and since it'd be used on a SS, there'd be no small chainring interference with an oversized outboard-bearing like housing to hold the eccentric unit for a square spindle.

    Does this make sense to anybody out there, or am I on the crack? I'd like to have a retrofittable EBB, and I'm sure others would too. Any other ideas on this, has it been tried before?


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    Possible, I think. You would not be able to get as much adjustment range as a "regular" EBB. you still need room in the BB shell for the cups to thread in though there may be ways around that, too.

    Could have a thin walled tube that runs through the shell of a diameter that is a snug slip fit. Bearing cup attached to one end. Other cup threads to the other end and tightens down on the ends of the BB shell.
    Not sure how the eccentric would fit in the cups.
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    What does a typical english BB measure across it's diameter anyway, 1 1/4" (about 30mm)? You figure a square taper measures 12mm, and subtract from the shell diameter probably 2mm for each side of the bearing (or eccentric) cup threads, and you might have room to adjust the spindle about 12mm or so inside the BB shell before you hit the threaded inserts.

    If you could make a threaded insert for the BB that was big enough to accomodate a phil woods type EBB mech, then you could basically install the cups, then the EBB the way you would in a normal EBB shell, only you would be limited to moving the spindle inside the BB shell (and by whatever you had threaded into it).

    I wish I had access to a machine shop and some spare time. Anybody else have any ideas on this?


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    That is a very good idea, sounds like it should work. It is probably a little too complicated for the average tinkerer to make on his own, but I'm sure it could be done. It would be so cool if something like that was available for a reasonable cost, as it would completely eliminate the need for a true singlespeed frame.


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