New Cones for XTR hub or New XT hub-
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    New Cones for XTR hub or New XT hub

    My XTR rear hub needs cones and bearings - cost $70

    New XT rear hub ~$50 new

    Is it worth salvaging the XTR rear hub 32 hole, ti cassette , disc brakes M975

    Using these hubs for single speed bike.


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    New XT hub is more than $50 if you factor in the cost of rebuilding the wheel with new nipples and possibly new spokes.

    Just rebuild the XTR.
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    I will relace myself and spokes nipples are in great shape. So only cost will be XT purchase.

    new xt hub on ebay ~$50 , just wondering if xt performance wise will exceed xtr. Or is xtr just lighter which I don't care, Care more about lasting longer....

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    What XT hub are you looking at?

    Equivalent XT which should be M765/775 are even worse hubs. Poor bearing life, people tend to have problems with the centerlock nut as well as flexing, broken axles, and complete hub failure. This is common in the XTR and XT groups. I'd avoid any hub in this generation if you can help it.

    In your specific situation, if you don't want to upgrade to something much better like a DT240s/Hope/CK, etc., I'd go with the cone replacement so you aren't messing with the rest of the wheel.
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    Running xtm8000 hubs myself on one bike. Probably close to 4000 miles on them and not a lick of trouble. The 8000s have the oversize aluminum axle.

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    If the cones are bad, what shape are the cups in? If there are wear marks on the cups I would replace the hub. I have one set still of the M765 hubs that my wife has with her bike. I had one set that I had to readjust somewhat often and bent the axle a couple times too. I would look into the next generation XT/XTR hubs or perhaps look at hubs with cartridge bearings. If you are not hung up on Shimano, there are a number of options out there.
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    if you can get the xt hub for 50 and do the work yourself; i'd go for it.

    a brand new hub is gonna be way better. there are definitely some shimano haters out here. my guess is they rode poorly adjusted hubs. in my experience if shimano hubs are set up properly they just go. cup and cone spins better than cartridge too (but then you eventually end up in your current situation).

    maybe for a next wheel down the line think about something with cartridge bearings so you don't get here again and again.

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    3.30 Single Speed hub

    Will settle on
    Stan's NoTubes 3.30 Single Speed Rear 32 Hole Mountain Bike Hub QR 135mm for $90 brand new.

    The xtr kit $85 + $8 bearings is about the same price....

    thanks for all your recommendations

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    Isn't that sort of a crappy hub?

    Aren't used dt350 in the same price range?

    Need to get the same flange locations if you want to reuse your spokes. Have you managed to find that?

    With new spokes real soon youre looking at a new wheel. Lotta used wheels for sale at good prices...
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