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    New Build Help

    Where would be a good baseline to have the shop cut my salsa fork? Underneath that stem are 2 spacers (10 and 5mm) for a total of 15mm. I figure I'd add another 10mm as I believe my last bike had some.

    But I'm stumped as to where to cut the stereer tube!
    The stem is a generic 100mm with 7 deg of rise.

    The application would be local trails in the RDU area (nothing crazy), and a campus hopper. I know I don't want to be stretched way out like a racer but also don't want to be all the way up. A happy medium is what I seek.

    Just not sure if thats better done by altering the stem height in the stack or stem rise/length.

    My plan is to add another 1-2 10mm spacers and then have the fork cut. You can always cut more off--

    Good? Bad? Indifferent lol?

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    Add one on top and if you are looking at a second 10mm spacer, add that to the bottom stack. Then you'll have a range of adjustment. As you said, once cut you can't add. You can cut it yourself, just pick up a pipe cutter from Home Depot or lowes, they are pretty cheap.

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    I agree with MTB Pharm. I recently cut 2 forks at 220mm, which works out to be 30mm between the headset and the stem with I think 20mm on top giving me a full range of options should I need to switch things up or mount something using the steer tube. One other thing to keep in mind is the length of your brake and shift cables and housing. Always measure 3 times, cut once.
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    What is this "measure" you all speak of?? Just kidding... kind of.

    Add the spacer on the bottom you were planning on & leaving 20mm on top gives you a good amount to play with. I just got a nashbar cutting guide thing -since I can cut straight about as well as I can measure, it helped tremendously & I feel like I could swap a stem in public & no longer be embarrassed by my crookedly cut steerer. I know you said you were going to have your LBS cut it but for short money, you can do it yourself & be sure it's exactly the way you want it.

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