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    "new" 2012 Kona Big Unit?

    Hey everyone!

    This is my first post and I was looking for some help. I have been a lurker for quite a while, because I can usually find all my answers by a search. I had my heart set on the Kona Unit after all the positive feedback from the forums (Single Speed and Kona threads). Yes, I'm totally drinking the Single Speed kool-aide! I test rode a 2014 at a Kona Demo at a local trail and I thought I was sold. Rode the Honzo, it was nice, but not what i was looking for. Then I rode a Big Unit, and wow it felt amazing. It was fast, brakes were good, suspension fork also felt great. It was flat out fun. I think I was smiling more after that ride, then when I first rode a fat bike for the first time.

    I was little surprised after the ride, that it was a complete build for a "new" 2012 Big Unit. The list price was $2,800, but the LBS store had it for 2K. The price is negotiable, still waiting to hear back on a final price.

    Since, there is a lack of info on the internet for a Kona built Big Unit, here are a list of my questions;

    What do you think a fair price would be or what would you pay?
    Is buying a "new" 2012 Bike smart with the advancement in technology? Especially with the 27.5+ and 29+ on the horizon?
    It seems a little weird to me that 2012 bike would be considered new (it looked like it had never been rode)?

    I plan on using this bike mostly for single track in Minnesota. After riding a single speed, i'm sold on that. Is there any other bikes you might suggest? I really like my LBS, and would want to spend my money there (kona, jamis, cannondale, surly, all-city, etc). But, my budget is about $2K for a single speed mountain bike, so i'm open to your suggestions. Also, my tech skills are zero. I want to build a bike on my own in the future, but i'm a little unsure about that at this point.

    Thanks for all your time, sorry if i'm long winded. I appreciate anyone's feedback.

    Here are the specs of the "new" 2012 Big Unit:

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    Sorry, total noob here. It was even tough to find the specs on the internet. Here is a the website for to the specs;

    2012 Kona Big Unit Bike - Reviews, Comparisons, Specs - Mountain Bikes - Vital MTB


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    Had the 2012 big unit for a while, the bike was fun, quick steering and fast. I really liked the blue too. Now I have the steel unit and the steering is more stable. 2k sounds like a lot but I like to build my bikes from eBay and clearance deals. If you like your shop and they'll help you tune the fork and brakes I say go for it. You can't go wrong with a Kona.

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    kdonks thanks for the response and I appreciate your input! I got a better price then I thought I would. It was really nice to take it for a test ride on a local trail before I bought it. Now, it's time to hit the trails!

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