Need a fork to stick in my P.U.S.S.-
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    Need a fork to stick in my P.U.S.S.

    So, the steel fork on the PUSS is done for, garage accident. I'm looking to replace it with a carbon one, just can't decide which.

    First, the A-C... 420mm'ish or 440mm'ish? I know stock is 420mm, but I see alot of people running the longer ones. How is the handling with the 440-450mm length forks?

    Second, the make... It's probably going to be any one of the cheap Ebay types painted to match: Hylix, eXotic, etc. Is there a significant difference between the round tube legs (exotic, wb) vs. the bladed type? (Hylix, Token, WCS..)?

    Not interested in steel or custom, so don't go there. Also, this will be a 650b conversion...

    Any tips, recommendations are appreciated. I did lots of searching but still haven't found a good pro/con list... Mostly just silly arguments about material and wheel sizes...
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    I run a 100mm fork on my wuss which gives me a sus corrected a-c of 440ish. I tired it with 80mm, which is what is recommended, and with a 90mm stem it felt too squirely for me and I was constantly oversteering. I also had a muss that was rigid with a stock fork, 420 a-c, on it and the steering was a lot quicker, 100mm stem setup. The predictability of the rigid fork and lack of compression made up for it when turning hard though and I liked it better. If your doing 650b I would probably go with the 420 because of the added height of the front end and the slowing of steering to be expected, but to be honest I had a buddy that measured several 650 setups vs a couple different 26 setups and the total height of the wheels were actually negligible, like around .25"-.5" I wanna say. I'll see if I can find the thread and repost it but the difference wasn't 1.5" like most people would think. So what I'm saying I guess is the front end won't be that much higher so the geo/ steering should be more similar than different.

    I have heard the ebay Chinese round forks are the same as the bontraguer, white brother, black ops, and some others generic forks like the on-one forks.

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    Nothing to add, I just liked the title of your post!

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    That sounds itchy...

    1. - The one thing I found out after ALOT of research...the "tube" carbon forks (White Bros, Origin 8 Black Ops, Pace RC20's etc are, as mentioned, supposedly from the same vendors just branded differently. I had read on at some point, that while simular they are spec'ed a little different company to company and some have different crowns (Bonti Switchblades)

    2. - The On-One's crown is different from all others and the dropout (bottom caps) have a front loading axle rather than vertical.

    3. - And this is the important part!!! The "tube" type ones are a little flexy over other carbon designs and I have read plenty of reviews stating "It's a little un-nerving the first time you grab a mitt full of binders and see the front wheel coming to you...but you get used to it." sort of comments. I don't know how big you are, you didn't say, but a lot of those forks have weight limits which you probobly knew. I have seen as low as 180lbs. and as high as 210lbs.

    4. Niner is a whole different thing. (but uber$ for my broke ass).

    5. - I can't really say good or bad about them because when I wanted to go carbon on my SS Rockhopper I had to consider that (I'm 230-235, 6ft2in) so I havent ridden one of the ones mentioned, but the fork I got was the Ritchey Mountain Pro because they don't have a weight limit. The lowers are one piece too, which is to say they do not have epoxied on endcaps. The front dropout, disk brake tabs are integral to the lowers and are carbon as well. All one piece layed up carbon ends. They are also perfectly happy in really cold temps (straight from Ritchey tech support) which may/may not be an issue for you. I'm in MN and it is here. All I know is they are about the stiffest thing out there but surprisingly compliant. I put my front wheel against a brick wall and pushed HARD without detectable fore/aft flex, but are incredibly comfortable. Far exceeded my expectations for being that stiff. I can't praise them enough. When riding buddies see them they start touching themselves but you'll get used to it. Whiskey parts makes a simular fork. DT Swiss and Synchros are also very well reviewed and the Syncros fork's steerer is also carbon as well (but you pay dearly).

    Mine are suspension corrected for a 100mm fork (sagged) and seem approximately 1 to 1 1/2 inces lower than the squishy 100mm was. Axle to crown on the Ritchey is 480mm with 38mm rake, aluminum steerer, 735 grams. Hope that helps. Hope that helps a little.
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    been running a 445mm white bros on my lewis for a couple of years..

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    I have a pinky as well and when I put a 100m Fox fork for a technical race, I did not like the way it handled. I love the fast steering of the stock steel fork. I'm interested in how your 650 conversion goes. I have been contemplating it as well. I can't seem to get comfortable on any of the 29ers I have ridden.

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