Need expert SS advice for Chain-line woes-
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    Need expert SS advice for Chain-line woes

    OK Gangsters, I need expert advice.

    I'm building a Rohloff equiped bike. I need a 54mm chainline.

    I already have my cranks, which are WI ENO's, which with a 113mm bb yeilds a 47.5 chainline, due to extremly low Q-factor.

    My math tells me to acheive a 54mm chainline I need:

    54-47.5 = 6.5

    6.5x2 = 13

    113 + 13 = 126 mm BB Spindle needed for 54mm chainline.

    Am I correct?


    I'm not really sure I want a hu-mong-o 126mm square taper spline BB...?? Or do i?


    Plan B: Just get a modern XT triple crankset and run a ring in the out-board 3rd-ring position???


    Advice please?
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    Sounds right. Would work, but that long of a spindle would probably be flexy.

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    You don't need to go out in both directions. You could use a 118BB and put a 1.5mm shim on the drive side. I have a Shimano UN54 bb and have it shimmed 2.5 mm and it works ok. Only ok because the non drive side cup that came with it has a shoulder so it's really not supporting the bearings the way it should. I will be ordering one of these: so everything will be seated properly. Don't worry about the off centeredness of the spindle, I'm willing to bet you won't notice.

    Another option is to opt for a Phil Wood BB which is much more expensive but you could go with a 119 and install it so the cups are offset to the drive side by .5mnm

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