My wife wants a singlespeed-
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    ... and if we just ... My wife wants a singlespeed

    Well that didn't take long. She's probably only ridden her new Trek 4500 off road a half-dozen times and she already wants a singlespeed!!

    When giving her some basic intruction I never really got around to telling her about selecting the correct gear and all that. I'm a singlespeeder - I've forgotten how to do that stuff, right ?

    I took her and another beginner friend out riding last night and things came to a head. I'd already pointed out to my wife that she wasn't using her gears and then after she'd followed my friend up a hill I hear this little gem:

    "All this sitting down and flapping your legs about looks stupid. I just want to f***ing stand up and climb the hill" - God bless the Aussies, always straight to the point

    Anyway, there's a UPS truck on the way bearing gifts of a Novatec 20T, some chainring bolts and a Salsa chainring. I'll throw those and my singleator on and see what she thinks of it.

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    my wife hates spinning like crazy uphill, but when i suggested singlespeeding-out her cannondale, she wasn't having it!

    hope your wife digs her upgrade!

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    Geez man, you're making this harder than it has to be.

    I didn't give mine the choice, "here you go honey, Merry Christmas!" I've since learned to push her bike uphill while standing and grinding on mine.

    OK, not really. She's actually pretty damn fast, and it certainly makes her feel tough!
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    I converted my Litespeed HT last fall, my wife who rides the same bike smaller frame said I was crazy. Three rides later she said she was sick of trying to catch up with me and wanted her bike converted. She says she will never go back! and that comes from a 45 year old athlete! Of course she went from about 24.5 lbs to 19.0lbs.

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    that is awesome, maybe worth a try on my end too since my wife, like yours, rarely shifts. She also doesn't really ride much in the way of hills so the SS might suit here wll. Looks like her Trek 6500 might just have to try it out!
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    my wife complained........

    about shifting and all the extra BS that goes with it so i retrieved an abandoned trek 800 frame from a friends garage, sent out for the appropriate parts and started to build her a SS. She asked what I was doing, so I told her and she said that she wanted to build it. Well two days later she has a nice new shiny SS and has been happy ever since. We ride together every night. If they dont want gears, who are we to interfere


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    Funny you should post this today....

    My wife rode my SS last night and decided that she did indeed like it. Before ever trying it she said "no way, not interested". Then, last night she asks if I could lower the seat and throw on a shorter stem so she could give it a go, I said "sure" (smiling like a mofo on the inside). Well, she took off down the trail first and I never saw her again until we got back to the trailhead. Every once in a while i'd catch a glimpse of her...1 or 2 ridge lines ahead!!! I got dropped like a bad habit!
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    A singlespeed is born!!!

    Well, Meantodd at webcyclery did his usual top-notch job and the few pieces I needed to do the deed arrived today.

    This bicycle is not happy. It has approximately 23 gears that are not used by its rider. This bike is not reaching its full potential...

    <img src="" border=2>

    First we remove these reduntant items:

    <img src="" border=2>

    These parts are added:

    <img src="" border=2>

    70 minutes and a bottle of Pilsner later we have a much happier bicycle:

    <img src="" border=2>

    I'll let you all know how my wife likes riding it. She loves the way it looks which is a great start

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    We're doing inbreds in 14in size. They'll be in the UK in a week, and they're in the US already. We've sold a lot of 14in geared inbreds to inbred owners for their wives. It's funny how many singlespeeders seem to have more than enough stuff lying around to build their wife up a bike :-)

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