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    My SS Trailbike ( New Baby! )

    Yeah, The Bar Ends stay till i can get some lock-on grips. whos know i might keep'em?

    Hey it's a SScirocco!

    cannibalized the Tassajara for the drivetrain and brakes; the wheels and fork off the Voodoo. The Psylo will eventually be replaced by either a Sherman Breakout or Z150 maybe a Pike don't know yet. The Avid mechs are temporary plan is to get some el caminos or juicy7s like the id. Thing rides great and just under thirty pounds. using a soulcraft convert and an endless kickass cog 22T (purty!)

    This thing is FUN!
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    That looks tasty. Very nice. I've got a soft spot for the Banshees

    I'd probably switch to the Rennen Rollenlager for tension duties, but otherwise it looks great.

    Why don't you like the Avid Mech's?

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    Drinker w/ Riding Problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by SSSasky
    Why don't you like the Avid Mech's?
    Not that i don't like'em, but i've got Juicys on my ellsworth and i love hydraulic brakes super smooth, especially bombin' downhill! the mechs will do for save some green$$$!

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    Dee Max and bar ends together...I never thought I'd see the day.

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    Congrats on the creative new build. Bring 'er out to Bent Creek some time soon and let us know so we can ride together. I'll show you my new Waltworks 29er SS and we'll toast to the new bikes!
    OGG (Adam)
    Spinning and Grinning...

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    I'm not feelin' the yellow cranks, but to each his own. Otherwise, it looks like a damn beefy build. I particularly like the Winnie the Pooh display in your garage. That's an important part of bike building.

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    Nice! You'll probably break before that burly bike will

    Sweet build.

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    Nice! I know someone who also did that. Not as nice a build though.

    Here's my Banshee SS. The horizontals are a bit of a pain, so I try to keep them set the way they are now, 38x16. Looking for a 34t though, hoping I'll only have to shorten the chain and be happy. I'm too slow out of the gate and tight turn, and never spin out. Did I mention the horizontals are a pain? I custom shortened the set screws to work for me.

    I like your spacer setup, way better than mine, all take-offs from different types of cassette's. Hard to get such kits here, but it works like this.

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    Two comments:

    1. Regardless of which tensioner you use, you could run lot less chain - will result in better wrap.
    2. Cog spacing - you may find it easier to dial in your chainline running several smaller spacers vs. the two halves.
    Improving these two things will result in a much happier drive train. BTW, I love my Endless Cog - great service and value.

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