My newfound SS love OR Did the Old Coot solve the mystery of one gear?-
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    My newfound SS love OR Did the Old Coot solve the mystery of one gear?

    Since I got the Niner up and running, I've only ridden my old best friend once. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty when I leave him behind, choosing his shiny counterpart over his scuffed and trailworn self. All in the name of progress, I suppose. Not to worry old friend, the steeps and the day longers still call your name...

    Moving on to the real point of my post: I finally experienced what everybody has been talking about. While riding the SS last week, I charged a section of trail that I've never made before on the gearie. Old notions had me thinking that I was going to bail any time, but somehow it just kept rolling and soon enough I was at the top of it. As you can imagine, my grin was ear to ear as I let out a little shout of triumph, only to surprise some hikers just around the bend. Oops...

    I was still trying to figure out why the hell I had actually made that section when I got around to reading this issue's Old Coot in the rag. He recounts how on his group ride he was the only one to make it through a few steep techy spots, despite the fact that he's not the strongest rider in the group. While he was actually riding gears, he attributed his success to getting up out of the saddle and letting the bike flow beneath him. The bike found it's own path and, since he wasn't stuck to it by sitting, he was able to follow it's course by shifting his balance accordingly.

    Is that why I found success after years of failure? I was forced into standing and inadvertantly discovered the Coot's strategy?
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    Good job!

    It's all a part of the whole. Little parts coming together, adding up into the whole thing.

    You get stronger, learn how to conserve momentum, how to flow better, pick lines, ride smoothly, work the bike, read the trail, .... so many little parts that make up the whole picture.


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    The Old Coot has much wisdom

    Great "Old Coot" in this months Dirt Rag. I ride a rigid singlespeed all over the Front Range and his walking technique works great when climbing over rocky trails.
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