My newest SS ride! (caution roadie content)-
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    My newest SS ride! (caution roadie content)

    I picked up my Specialized Langster yesterday! I've not gotten a chance to ride it much yet, and now I think I'm coming down with something nasty so it might be a while yet. I did get to ride it up and down my road a few times yesterday and I think it's gonna be a really fun bike. It's freewheel right now, but I'm thinking about getting a track cog for it and trying fixed gear sometime in the not too distant future. My girlfriend picked up her first road bike yesterday too, a Specialized Allez sport, in the same carbon color as my Langster! She got her first mtb last summer and she's really getting into cycling, I'm so proud. Here are some shots of the bikes:


    The Langster-

    Michelle, the Allez, and my dog-

    An added bonus, my new bike matches my car perfectly!

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    what's next?....matching shirts

    haha, just joking, nice bikes...I might get me a Langster soon
    Rudy Projects look ridiculous

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    good, I don't have to say it

    a was gonna say that a SS freewheel on the road is for nancyboys and that Real Men ride fixed, but you're already on the beam. Good on ya

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    HaHaHa I put my order in aswell......

    I went to the LBS and put together one in a 56 that just so happens
    to be my size, (as I said in an earlier post it was sold) well you know
    I had to go try er out (this was last night and it was a bit dark & cold out)
    so a few laps around the block and back inside I went and said order it,
    they said ok. They called yesterday and Specialized said they had about
    15 in 56 left so I'll find out if I made the cut come Monday morn.

    It has a low price tag and for good reason the parts are low end
    at best. The weight on it is 20.75lbs but that's kewl cause I just
    want it for a 1 to 1.5 hour work out ride as I do 3 to 5 hours on
    my gearie, road & mtb rides. The mtb SS is going to be next!

    I think for the money it'll be alot of fun and I do hope you enjoy it!!!

    Good day - V V V .
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