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    My little fixie

    This project started over a year ago, and wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't had time to post anything about it.

    Last June, I'm sitting at work at the LBS and ask "What's up with that bike?" referring to this old Trek road bike that's been sitting there for a month. The boss informs me that the frame was a donation which had been rescued from a recyling center. The people at the recycling center had been throwing bikes into a dumpster and then compressing them with a forklift to try to fit more bikes in! Of course I thought, "Hmm, this would make a great fixed gear.

    Here's how it started out

    Because of the forklift treatment, the alignment on the frame was seriously wacked out and we did some serious bending to get things back in shape:

    After we got the frame straight, I made the naive decision to strip and repaint the frame... Had I not been so silly, this bike would have been running last summer.
    I used duplicolor automotive paint including the primer and two cans worth of clearcoat. After the primer and after the final coats were finished, the frame was baked in a VW van for a day, which definitely hardened the paint. That said, the paint is already chipping. I did all of the painting myself, other than the gold accents, which I have to give my boss credit for doing. I just couldn't get my hand steady enough to do them.

    Here's some shots of the frame.

    The build was centered around spending as little money as possible and I think I ended up coming in under $100 after some serious raiding of the parts bin.
    Frame-Trek 400 Series True Temper
    Fork-Trek High Tensile
    Headset-Tange Levin
    Bar-Nitto Moustache
    Tape-Planet Bike
    Brake Lever-Gran Compe
    Brake-Gran Compe
    Saddle-Fizik Pave
    Rims-Sun Mistral, not sure on model
    Front Hub-Sunshine
    Rear Hub-Campagnolo High Flange Track
    Crank/Ring-Specialized (170 mm, 42t ring)
    Cog-Dura Ace (16t)
    Chain- Sedisport
    Tires-Bontrager Race X Lite 700x28
    Pedals-KKT w/Powergrips

    I got the bike built up just in time to take it down to the Trek dealer show in Madison and used it to commute to the show from the hotel everyday, so I got in some nice riding on it right off the bat. Its pretty comfortable. I think I'd like to stretch out the front end a bit more, but other than that, I'm loving the ride. Its mainly a commuter (for my monsterously long 8 block commute) and just have fun riding bike at this point.

    Since the pictures were taken, I threw on an old set of Trek Inverts 700x38c on for more shock absorbtion and so that I'll be more comfortable on gravel. The rear barely clears the chainstays. Sometime when I have more money, I'll probably get something in the 32-35c range, but you have to love frames designed around 27" wheels!


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    I'm thinking of building/getting one. I've singled an old 87 Nishiki. Before I hit the road fixed I will hit the track on a barrowed fixie.

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    Great project....great result!

    Nice bike, there is something extra cool about building up a great bike from a frame and spending almost nothing to do it. I build a lot of bikes from the frame up and I always get the most satisfaction from the budget resurrection projects. My most recent was a freebie diamondback MTB completely overhauled and converted to SS for a grand total of $27 (chain and freewheel cog). It rides like a brand new bike

    I know some people like to keep the old paint intact but, I think you did the right thing in repainting your Trek, even if it extended the project.
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    I scavenged a frame from the dumpster and did about the same thing, except for the riser stem and the color. Moustash bars and the works. I painted mine black and am now looking for some 27 inch black rims to go with it. Then it'll be a real "stealth" bike.
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    Yeah, the riser stem is necessitated by the fact that the frame is too small for me. I still feel like there's a lot of pressure on my hands. Maybe I should hit up an one one bar...


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    Looks nice - I'm in the midst of a similar project on an old Benotto frame. You're right about the painting - I've got the additional drawback of trying to mask off the nice old decals. Next week I plan to get it finished off as I should have some time to myself - will post some pics when done. Mine will have a bit more of an off-road bent being more of a scorcher with cross tyres.


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    fixie in fat tire?

    Yo, mama....I also am a mama who has strayed from the family and will ride fixed at this year FTF.....waddabout you, mama??

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    What year is that 400?

    Dammit, now that I saw what you did to your 400, I want and should do the same!!!! BTW, what year is your 400? The cast lugs seem different than mine (I have a '88).

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    No fixie for me in the 40, but I will be riding my Rig, which should be getting here tomorrow. Don't quite have the ovaries to ride fixed offroad yet. Just riding the fixie around in town and stuff is keeping me entertained at the moment.


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    Wow that bike looks awesome. Nice find. Poor bikes getting crushed.

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