my first ss experience on rough trails-
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    ... and if we just ... my first ss experience on rough trails

    hi everyone! just thought i'd share with you guys and gals, my first ss experience on rough trails.

    just got back from riding my new-Ebay-old converted ss Specialized Stumpjumper M2 at Chimney Rock in New Jersey (my riding, and owned so far, consisted only of full-suspension, geared bikes). my riding buddies gave me the look of disbelief when they saw my ss bike, and that i brought it along to ride that trail. damn it - they made me nervous, i started to think that maybe it was a mistake. i've ridden that trail a couple of times before on my squishy-gearies, but really don't remember it much. i don't remember it being so rocky (i guess that's why it's called Chimney Rock, and no rear suspension from the bike) . after today, the memory is now embedded in my single-minded brain forever .

    well, it wasn't at all that bad. no, actually, it was great . for some reason, i had more fun, and at the end, loved it and wanted more. my buddies think i did well. i thought i did well. i was able to keep up with them, the same as i did with the FS geared bikes, as if nothing changed. just took a little bit more work on climbing (28" bars are great), and riding techniques, like saving momentum and standing up more on really rough spots, but wasn't bad at all. hey, i figured it will only make me a better and stronger rider. oh man, i think i am now a reborn SS. i love it!

    heck, i might even try this other trail tomorrow or sometime this week, called Round Valley in NJ. been there once but had to cut the ride short. i remember it having looong "are we there yet" and "i'm dying here and need some water" climbs and some real rough spots. then, we'll see if it will give me the same high.

    thanks to all the ideas, advises, posts, etc., i 've searched and read in this forum, i was able to use it on the trail and made an easier experience of it. great bunch of guys you are, that's why i've decided to join in the fun. happy SS'ing to everyone .

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    Good work .... sounds like you had fun.

    I hope my SS hopes turn out this well...

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