My entry into SS and 29er-
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    My entry into SS and 29er

    So, its been raining cats and dogs, off and on for the past couple months here in Brisbane in Australia. Alot of events cancelled due to the mud, and the damage it does to the trails (they preach alot of sustainable trail care here, which Im all about)...

    So, after reading lots, asking lots and watching lots.. decided I needed a SS bike, and considering I already have 2 26" bikes, and have a 29" Titus Rockstar on the way from the US in a month or so, I dug around for a cheap bike to get me used to the 29'r thing, and SS so I can stop missing out on training in our current weather etc..

    So, looked around and found my 2009 Avanti KISS 29r for AUD$750 (about US$600) ready to rock.

    Was amazed at the quality of the build (sure, its all cheap but still, for the dollar, its solid!). Have only taken it on some fireroad and commuted to work today just to get all the setup right. Taking it out tonight for some trail play. On my own, so noone laughs as I walk it up hills, and crash from having rigid forks..

    So, having never had a SS before.. what do you guys think are the things to look after/adjust properly/keep an eye on? I see I have an eccentric bottom bracket now. Having never had one, Im a bit lost as to what I need to do - however, I had a play adjusting it last night, and it seems pretty straight forward from a mechanical point of view.

    Id like to get some bar ends (I like to roll left/right on them when I climb out of the saddle, and I can see alot of that coming - especially with the 580mm flat bars it came with).

    I got a medium (like my 26"s) but Ive had to extend the seatpost slightly past the minimum mark. Ive got a 400mm post on order. First thing I did when I got home was swap the stocko saddle with a fizik gobi and chucked the ay-ups and garmin brackets on.

    Am thinking of going tubeless (especially considering its all rigid). What do people recommend? Just some stans in the stock tubes? Go full UST?

    Sorry for the ramble, just love new toys

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    The only technical comment I have is that the bar is pretty narrow, compared with what most others seem to use nowadays. The bar ends, and/or wider bar will probably be for the better.

    Riding singlespeed ... you need to attack the climbs: without a granny gear, you cannot slow down to winch yourself up every bump, at snail speed. As soon as turning the cranks gets hard, get out of that saddle.

    Have fun!

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    I think you've got everything covered. Just make sure your chain line is straight, going tubeless for lower pressures is also good, and go out and have fun. Don't worry about others laughing now — soon you'll be sprinting up the hills leaving them in the dust.

    And for the rigid fork, just keep your weight back more, don't hold the grips in a death grip but tightly enough to hold on, don't lock your elbows (and if you can, tuck them inwards), pick good lines, and bomb down that rocky trail. Plush tires will help a lot.

    Have fun!

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    Nice bike at a good price, but for sure, unless you're riding stuff which is fast through narrow gaps, get some wider bars. A friend of mine had one of these Avanti's and put some 660mm Salsa ProMoto Carbon bars on. I've got a set which have 17 degrees sweep, but there's also 5 & 11 degree versions.

    I'll be trying the split tube version of ghetto tubeless on my 29er Racing Ralphs soon with some Stans on the stock rims.
    I see hills.

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