My chain keeps making horrible noises!-
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    New question here. My chain keeps making horrible noises!

    Hi all,

    I have a Cannondale 1FG with a standard rear hub spaced out to take a single cog.
    I've set the chain tension (with the ebb) to the point where the chain is nice and tort at best and aceptably slack at worst. When riding under heavy load every now and then the chain will make a horrible spang noise, like it's trying to drop the chain and then getting snapped back on agin. It must be putting a huge strain on the drive train (frame?) because it seems to be turning the Ebb in it's shell. It's realy starting to peeve me, ss' are supposed to be free and easy and mine's causing me serious grief. Not to mention it makes me cringe in pain every time it does it.

    Are there any basic pointers anyone can give me to get it running smoothely?
    I'm aiming for a ss specific hub which will hopefully remove some of the chain growth/shrink but untill then... any ideas?



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    check your drivetrain

    very carefully. examine each link of the chain to see if any individual link is slightly twisted or "stiff" (meaning it doesn't rotate on it's bushing freely). If you are using a ramped shimano/sram cog, change it out to a true shimano DX unramped cog. Finally, re-examine your chainline (and have a buddy double check it for you) to make sure it is perfect.

    Other thoughts: you may be using a worn or worn out chain on new rings or cog. If you ring and cog are new, use a new chain rather than an old one.

    Good luck!
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    Hmm, that's a point. It's a cog from a casssete on the rear, I'll change it for a dx one. The chain and front ring are brand spankers and the chain line is as good as I could get it without a laser line.

    It's a crappy chain mind you.


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