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    New question here. monocog or other...(newbie)

    hey all. i'm looking into buying a new singlespeed and one of the choices i'm considering is the redline monocog, mainly because it's really affordable (i'm on a tight budget of about 600 - 700) and i like the specs on it for the price. the thing is, i mainly do my biking in the city, and i seldom hit the trails except for once or twice in summer. i had wanted to buy the monocog and then switch out the tires for some thinner treads, to lose some weight on the bike.

    but the other thing i was considering was a singlespeed road bike, because i'm most accustomed to riding either mountain or hybrid bikes, and i wanted to try riding a road to sort of expand my spectrum. just a few questions. is it better to start off SSing on road or mountain bikes? or does it matter? if i go with the road bike, i had wanted to put on some semi wide bullhorn bars. will bullhorn bars make it more or less difficult to climb? i'm in NYC and there are no super major hills so should i take this into consideration? also does the riding position have an effect, either negatively or positively, on the difficulty of the ride? i'm not afraid to put in work, i just wanna know your opinions. sorry for the long post, but it will be my first singlespeed bike and i want to make sure i do it right.

    thanks alot

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    find a used old road bike with crapped out shifters and stuff. take em off, shorten the chain, and you have a SS road bike. then worry about that other stuff as you get some miles on it.
    try these guys if you are in NYC
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    I have a 04

    I have a 04 mono-cog & I love it you might need a bigger or smaller gear depending how hilly it is I ride some steep hills here in SC nothing compared to whats up there I payed roughly $600.00 for my with a Manitou SX fork but I would not trade it for nothing so good luck with your choice! P.S they have come out with a Alloy version for this yeah plus tabs for dics brakes!

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