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    New question here. Nude photos of Lance Armstrong on a Modified single speed

    OK, I lied about the photos but isn't it weird that you looked?

    Is Anyone using double rings up front and single speed in the rear?

    Here's what I'm thinking:

    22/32 double rings in front with XT front derailleur and Paul thumb shifter

    18/22 single rings in the rear using my existing hub and spacers

    Paul Melvin Chain Tensioner to take up slack

    Rear disc brake only - 8 inch Avid Juicy - BMXer ride 1 brake all the time - how much braking power do I lose just using the rear?

    Hardtail 29er frame

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    Wink Won't work

    You will have WAY too much chain when you shift to the 22 up front...the chain tensioner won't take up that much slack.

    ~70% of your braking power is up front. I wouldn't want a "rear only" brake, even a disc!

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    Good job!

    I saw it work as a 3 speed up front and 1 cog in back but they were using a derailleur in back for a tensioner to take up slack when shifting. They had the der. locked in to position with a nail or something, can't exactly remember the details.I think it was one of the guys in the Surly crew I met in K.C. Mo. He seemed to like the 3 speed thing.Hope this helps.

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    just need to point out something no one has mentioned yet....what you describe is not a singlespeed. interesting, but not a singlespeed. if you are going to run "gears" why not just go 1x9?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xrmattaz
    You will have WAY too much chain when you shift to the 22 up front...the chain tensioner won't take up that much slack.

    ~70% of your braking power is up front. I wouldn't want a "rear only" brake, even a disc!

    No, that should work. Straight for the Paul site:
    "One of the coolest things about the Melvin is that it allows two front chain rings to be used (of course this is no longer a single speed, sob, but can be very handy for loaded commuting) Because we use two pulleys, two chain rings with a maximum difference of twenty teeth can be used up front."
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    how my 2x2 works

    I haven't seen a Melvin but if it's like other tensioners I've seen shifting between the two rear cogs involves allen keys and hassle. Or I could be wrong....
    But assuming I'm right, how about just using an old short-cage road derailleur. Then you can use the ball end of a shifter cable in the barrel adjuster to turn the adjuster into a "shifter," you stop of course (more on that below) and turn the barrel adjuster to shift between the two cogs.
    I run a 15t cog for riding the pavement to and from the trailhead, and a 20t or so as my "trail" cog, so I have to shift twice, once at the start of the dirt, once at the end.
    In front I run two chainrings, my normal one happens to be a 36t biopace because I find that helps mash up stuff, and then a 24t bailout granny because there's lots of great cruisy SS style riding here that involves getting up some sick climb to get to. So I use the biopace as much as I can, but aren't afraid of the real tough stuff because of the granny. (a 24/20 is still not a super low gear so I'm not exactly laughing and singing my way up the steeps).
    And NO front derailleur either. Once you start hooking up shift levers you might as well go with a 1x8. Keep the bars nice and clean. And without shifters, you can still argue you're riding a "one speed" since you can't shift gears without stopping, thus you're stuck in one gear. (Although I have pretty much mastered downshifting from the 36t to the 24t chainrings with my toe without stopping). Upshifting however requires stopping.
    So even though mine's a 2x2, I actually use only 3 gears -- the "road" gear, the "trail" gear and the granny for the stuff I can't clean with the trail gear. I never use the small-small.

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    doing a similar thing except its more like two SS>>>

    36/18 - classic 2:1 for Xcountry and serves as a street gear.
    34/20 - for the mountain and 22/20 for when it gets really steep.
    I use a road derailleur set up as described. No shifter, just get off and do a manual shift.
    You can read a similar description at
    Is it a single speed?? Who cares!! Itworks for me and thats all that matters.

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