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    Middleburn and SKF not doing the job? New crankset?

    I'm a 220lb singlespeed masher, riding hard 5 days/week in all conditions. I'm not easy on equipment. I've stripped two sets of square taper cranks, killed two square taper bottom brackets (including snapping a spindle), and destroyed the bearings in a Crank Brothers ISIS bottom bracket (in 5 months).

    I've been running ISIS Middleburn RS7 cranks, which are heavenly. After killing the Crank Brothers bottom bracket, I wanted to upgrade to the best ISIS setup possible. I ordered an SKF 600 series bottom bracket and was hoping I'd be set for years to come.

    After about 10 rides, the SKF has started to creak in a wicked way. I believe the issue is the non-drive cup, which has a bit of play around the body of the bottom bracket itself. I added Teflon tape, but that only remedied the creaking for one ride.

    So, I guess I either need to track down another cup for the SKF somehow, hoping it works, or replace my setup. If I do the latter, I'm looking for the most reliable possible bottom bracket and crank options, preferably with an integrated spider interface.

    Anybody heard of this issue with SKF bottom brackets? Anybody know where to get a replacement cup?

    Should I be considering replacing the whole setup? What are my best options? Would White Industries/Phil Wood square taper be burly enough for me, or will I need to consider external bearing options?

    I just want to ride, but the creaking makes me crazy!

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    It seems to me that if your stripping ST your not tighting them down enough and they become loose. I'm 210lbs and only time I snaped a ST was DHing with a ti spindle. SKF's should outlast your frame if your having issue with BB it is warrantied for 5yrs. I been hammering the piss out of my middleburn/SKF setup for 2yrs, without issue. Chainrings are another story. Good Luck

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    I had an extremely loud SKF ISIS BB in my Niner One 9. It replaced a Atik/Token Ceramic BB where I managed to destroy the ceramic balls. The SKF was supposed to be the a long lasting replacement, but the horrible creak coming from the non-driveside cup made me pull it out after only a few rides. However, I then installed it in my road bike where it did its job without a single creak.

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    Have you checked the threads in the BB shell? If they are stuffed, no BB is going to work quietly. This can happen if you have had a loose BB cup fretting away.
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    I am 200 lbs and have been using a Middleburn uno (square taper) and a Phil Wood Ti w/ Stainless Steel cups for over 3 years, on 2 bikes, and have had no problems.

    Contact SKF and expalin what is going on, they should send out a new cup under warrenty. It could be as simple as the cup not being tightened enough. And use locktight (make sure you don't use the permanent locktight, but the removable) instead of teflon tape.

    If there is play with cup as you say "which has a bit of play around the body of the bottom bracket itself" then maybe your BB shell is damaged and not perfectly round but slightly oval. Take it to your LBS and have them check the BB shell. This can cause problems with your BB as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velobike
    Have you checked the threads in the BB shell? If they are stuffed, no BB is going to work quietly. This can happen if you have had a loose BB cup fretting away.
    ^^^ this.

    My first thought as I read your story is that it's not your BB cups, it's your frame.

    Hope I'm wrong. I ride the same frame.


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    I've been using an SKF 600 series bottom bracket and Middleburn RS7's for over a year now without a single problem.

    I only weigh 150 pounds, mind you

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    Make sure that the BB of the frame has been faced. If the face is not perpendicular to the BB threads, it can bind the bottom bracket and wear it out prematurely.

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