Making any crank SS?-
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    Making any crank SS?

    I know there are some super slick SS specific cranks available, but can I just take off the extra chain rings from any crank and call it an SS?

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    Yes - you could even leave the extra chainrings on and still call it single speed...

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    Absoultely - my converted SS is a pretty budget build. Just some el cheapo Shimano square taper cranks on there - took off the rings and replaced with a single unramped chainring.

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    If you just remove the rings you may have to get some BMX chain ring bolts to make it work. Standard MTB bolts are longer as they are made to hold 2 rings on.


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    It's as good a way to start as any.

    Bear in mind that standard derailleur chainrings are designed to allow the chain to slip off easily

    So make sure you get your chainline as accurate as possible in case you get TTTIS* when the chain slips off on a hill.

    *Testicle Top Tube Interface Syndrome - can be painful.
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    TTTIS. I had been having that happen quite a bit lately. I run a geared bike converted to SS with spacers and a chain tensioner. I found that my chain had stretched enough that going through gullies nad then hitting that upside would cause a wave to go up the chain and drop it off the chainring. Very frustrating, unless you like to forcefully drive your pants yabbies into the top tube. I myself do not. I took a full link out and replaced it with a half-link and the problem has disappeared.

    To your question of keeping the chainring.... You could use your large chainring as a bashguard but there are a few things to consider. 1) What does a large chainring cost versus a cheap bashguard. You will mess the large chainring up going over things so if you do decide to convert back to geared you will need to replace that ring. 2) Would you rather have the nice soft flesh of your ankle meet the chainring teeth or a non serrated surface in the event they do come in contact with each other. I would rather not have the filthy teeth of a chainring causing damage to me when there isn't any real need for it. I have seen someone who just missed that nice big blood vessel that runs there when they crashed. That would have been a bad walk out of the woods. They still had to go get shots and it seemed painful.

    yeah, some of those bashguards that look like circular saw blades look cool, but sometimes form and function are not the same thing. Just my 2 cents but maybe a different way to look at it.
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