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    Magazine coverage

    It is amazing how popular the rigid singlespeed mountain bike phenomenon has become. Even to the point of having our own seperate forum (on this site) to bounce ideas off each other. It's odd that magazines do not give any coverage of this side of the sport. In fact, almost every picture/article of a bike in a magazine is a geared full suspension. At least what I've seen.

    Even though more than half the bikes I see on trails are hardtails, I am lucky to even find a picture/story/advertisement of one hardtail in a magazine. I think we need our own magazine.

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    Agreed. However, Dirt Rag does a wonderful job covering the rigid singlespeed aspect of mountain biking. The other magazines only seem to concern themselves with the latest high zoot full squishy and "black diamond," as one of the magazines laughingly refers to DH bikes. Different strokes, I guess.
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    rigid, 29er and SS are all massive on MTBR but I would beg to differ that it's a massive "phenomonon". Within MTBR it looks like everyone is doing some of it or all of it but in the real world these bikes are still in the back corner of the bike shop which kinda reminds me of BETA videos in 1987. But don't get me wrong I ride 29 rigid SS, love it to bits, love MTBR and would love everyone to get on board but MTBR does provide a somewhat tunnel view of real cycling stats. My 2c

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    It is all tied to the bottom line - magazines are paid for by ads from manufacturers trying to sell the latest and greatest upgrade. As there is relatively little cash to be made in pimping the simplicity of a single speed and a rigid frame, few companies focus on the niche. Similarly, few publications appear willing to plug a riding style that runs contrary to the interests that butter their bread and will continue to push the all mountain $4,500 rig as the perfect riding machine. For me, an $800 rigid SIR9 is perfect (although the full XTR suspended XC racer is still in the garage.)

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