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    Looking for a First Nice MTB

    I have had many bikes in the past, I mostly had BMX bikes.. On these I had all the nicest setups ( Redline,Primo,Shadow ETC). Than I rode a few mountain bikes and I enjoyed them. I ended up getting a Raliegh Mojave 4.0?..Don't exactly recall. Well time to step it up.... It was a good bike but I just tore it apart.. Espicially the rims there all bent up ( I guess im used to the strong rims of BMX.. I like 180s and 360s so that can be hard on rims.) and the front suspension just doesn't cut it for what I jump.. I always bottom out and i don't exactly like how it rides.. Pretty good bike for 250~ bucks.

    Well anyhow I have been looking at a Giant STP SS... I really like it I want to get one.. I like single speed bikes and i don't want to have a multiple gear bike.I converted my Raliegh to single speed and I love it and have no problems with it. So I would like to get a nice single speed downhill bike.

    Basically I am wondering what would be a nice bike, Is the Giant STP a good all around bike? I dirt jump/Street alittle of everything. Is there other bikes out there that are just as good or better in the same catorgories? Where is the best place to order bikes online? I was just at my LBS today and saw the Giant there and I liked how it looked but they want 925 for it, I have seen them online for around 700... I know how markup is ( I work at a hobby shop and our markup is crazy.. Some RC's we sell we buy for around 450 and sell for 1000.) But I think thats crazy.. Where is a good trusted site?

    Well Thanks in advance guys.. I really aprreciate any help

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    nobody wants to help me?

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    I don't know much about jump bikes like the STP SS, but I had a friend with a Specialized P2 and I have always thought the P1 was a pretty kool bike. On another level is the Santa Cruz Chameleon.The Chameleon is not a jump bike, but it can't be ruled out as a jump bike; Here is a Dirt Rag review on the Chameleon http://www.dirtrag.com/print/article...egory=features. Price wise you can either find the best deal at your LBS, or choose your bike and surf the web. Good Luck on what ever you decide on.
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    i'd like to help you , but i don't know the answers to any of your questions

    i can't really think of any gear that's less than $250 anymore

    why don't you spend the cash and put some heavy duty wheels on the bike you got, and just keep thrashing

    play the numbers hard, and when you hit it big buy a more expensive bike, or build your dream rig

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