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    logbiter to the courtesy phone please

    Drawings are pretty bad (c&p from a Fox manual), but I'm short on time. I assume you're familiar with servicing a fork.

    #1 The first step, whenever you're wrenching, is to find a good record, and turn the volume up enough so that you can't hear the phone or anything else that may interrupt you. Crack open a bottle of beer as well, as all that work makes you thirsty.

    #2 You'll have to remove the complete air spring / negative spring assembly from your fork. I simply unscrewed the bottom left-hand washer and tapped the air spring out from below, but it's better to just take the lowers off the fork and service the whole thing while you're at it.

    Basically this is the idea:

    You want to increase the size of the air chamber in the fork, which makes it more linear, hence you use more travel. As the air seal (1) is mounted quite a ways above the steel negative spring, you can reduce the spring rod length (3) to bring the air seal further down.

    #3 To remove the air spring, you've got to tap out a little retaining pin (2) which holds it on the spring rod. I guarantee you this is a pain to do, as it's a very tight fit. The best tool for the job is probably a small engraving chisel or something similar with a round cross-section and flat tip.

    #4 With the pin out, you can just pull the air seal off the spring rod. There's a little hole (4) where the pin from the air seal fits.

    #5 You need to drill a new hole of the same diameter somewhat down the rod. Try 15-25 mm lower at first. This will already have some effect on how the fork ramps up, so it's better to start small.

    #5 Use a hacksaw and file to remove the excess length of spring rod. There should be about 5 mm of material left above the hole!

    When done just push the air seal back onto the spring rod and hammer the retaining pin back in. You can then reassemble the fork.

    I hope this is clear enough....I'm pretty bad at explaining things.

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    thanks- nice li'l fox mod

    clear nuff!
    thanks. dunno when I'll get chance to try it (attempting a big move, all the related issues )

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    Good luck (on both fronts) then!

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