Little worried about making the SS jump-
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    Little worried about making the SS jump

    Hey there, I wonder if I'm just gun shy. I am thinking of building up a Moots Mooto X 29er and trying to decide between a SS and a gearie. I rode a Mooto set up as a SS and really had a good time. This will be my primary mountain bike. Is the EBB the way to go? can you convert a bike back to gears easily if you do an EBB? Anybody have regrets sticking with one gear? Is it easy to change gear ratio's? Thanks so much, this is a big decision (the frame is decided on, its just if I want gears or not). Scott

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    Clearly, you should get it built with the EBB, but with a derailleur hanger and the needed braze-ons for gears. That way you can run it however you wish.

    A frame like that, it'll last forever. I doubt I'll be running singlespeed when I'm 85, but I'll still be riding (hopefully).

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    Here's what I did:

    Have them build the frame with an ebb and a removable derailleur hanger. Have them grind of the hanger portion so the dropout looks clean. If you ever want to ride gears, swap the derailleur hanger out for the one that has an actual hanger, and send the frame back to have some cable guides tacked on there.

    It's the best of both worlds. Bike looks super clean as an SS, but can be built up with gears in the future if you choose to do soo.


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    jump in
    pull the trigger
    don't look back

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    do what donkey said. you absolutely will not regret it. it's been said so often on this board that you'll forget about gears forever, and it's true. i had a fisher sugar 3 built up at the same time my singlespeed was born, and i've yet to even sit on the fisher. since my first singlespeed ride, i've been scheming of different ways to scrape up enough loot to have a custom ss created. selling all my geared gear is what i'll end up doing. road bike stuff included. look at it this way, i literally cannot think of one solitary reason to avoid a singlespeed build, but i can think of millions of reasons to avoid gears. go for it. if you thought that first little test ride was fun, wait till you have a whole riding season under your belt. do it. and make sure you post pics when it's done.


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