Light springy frame recommendation without EBB or Sliders?-
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    Light springy frame recommendation without EBB or Sliders?

    Think I'd rather try a BB or ISG tab mounted tensioner. Am I crazy? or stupid? Prefer to run 120mm fork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wish I Were Riding View Post
    Think I'd rather try a BB or ISG tab mounted tensioner. Am I crazy? or stupid? Prefer to run 120mm fork.

    Chain tensioners = too much drag, noise and technology for me.

    I've got several singlespeeds and I'd rate the EBB as the best method. About 30 seconds of reading instructions and you'll have no problem with them ever as long as the EBB unit is a good one. Properly set up it is foolproof. If a fool sets it up, well results can be random, but you can guarantee the fool will be straight on the internet to tell everyone how crappy the EBB is....

    Sliders are ok so long as they are properly clamped down, ie remove any soft paint underneath, but best on raw metal.

    With sliders and EBBs you have the convenience of the vertical dropout, so wheel removal is quick and easy.

    Track ends look neat, but I only like them on a fixie with no rear brake.

    But what makes you happy is always the best solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wish I Were Riding View Post
    Think I'd rather try a BB or ISG tab mounted tensioner. Am I crazy? or stupid? Prefer to run 120mm fork.
    Light/springy and 120mm fork don't often collide in the same sentence. A 120 fork is solidly in the "trail" category which usually means a more stout frame.

    What's the problem with sliders or EBB? do you have a reason why your trying to avoid these systems?

    I feel the same way about swingers/sliders that Velobike feels about EBB's. If you have even a basic understanding of how they're supposed to work, it will be trouble free. Hands down my preferred method of tensioning a chain is swingers/sliders. However, I'd rather have an EBB than a tensioner in any form. (I can't believe i just said that, but it's true). My second choice would be horizontal dropouts.

    These systems are the best method of tensioning a chain for SS. That's why SS bikes don't come from the factory with tensioners, at least not the kind of SS MTB's we're talking about.

    So if your set on going your own way, I would look for a frame with "high end" tubes. A la Reynolds 725/853, True Temper OX Platinum, or Columbus Zona, etc. You'll Pay a little more (what's your budget BTW?) but you'll end up with a lighter frame that rides really nice. The other obvious choice, which is even more expensive, is Ti. There's actually quite a few options out there.

    Check out the Stanton Sherpa.

    The other obvious answer is horizontal dropouts and a bolt on hub. Surly Karate Monkey fits your criteria except for being light.

    may find some more options here
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    Maybe hit Ebay see if you can find a Niner MCR frame(no longer made) 853 tubes made to be lively.
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    I suppose I don't need 120mm. I rode rigid a long time. Just don't want to any more. I've had both sliders 2 different frames and an EEB bike. They all worked without issue for me. I just don't like the way they look. While a tensioner on a regular frame might not be as ultimately perfect, I doubt I would notice a different. I'm not a SS pro, I'm more of a total hack. I think a BB mounted push up tensioner would be fine and hide itself quite nicely. Not sure how loud it would really be, but I wasn't thinking it would really be likely to make a nuisance of itself. I don't have a specific budget. I think a used MCR would be a good idea. I don't want a custom new frame because prices have gone up for most custom builders by a lot in the last 5 years. But all your points are being heard by me, so feel free to keep them coming. Thanks.

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