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Price dropped--see below.

Size small, polished finish, excellent condition.

Click on the pics to enlarge 'em.

4" front travel, 3" rear.

Pics tell most of what you need to know.

Yep, Pushed.

Aluminum valves even!

Wheels and tires are brand new, never ridden. I laced 'em with DT butted spokes and alloy nips. Tires are tubeless with sealant already installed.

Syntace carbon bars, stem, and ESI grips are also brand new, never ridden. Bars are 720mm wide.

Saddle is new.

Hard to see, but yes that is a King NoThreadSet.

As built it is sized for someone in the 5'4" to 5'5" range. Can easily fit up to 5'8" with a taller/longer stem and post. Happy to swap in a longer/taller stem if you already know this 40mm version is gonna be too stubby.

Gearing is 29 x 21=1.38 ratio=40 gear inches. On the low side if your trails are fast and smooth, just about right if you live where there are mountains. Happy to throw in a 32t ring--just ask.

It has the usual scuffs and scrapes and cable rub spots that you'd expect on a used bike. The only spot that is worthy of mention is pictured below--a teeny little dent in the non-drive-side seatstay.

I asked Devin Lenz if he thought it merited concern or action, and he said 'Nah--don't worry about that little thing'.

He also made clear that he could replace that seatstay if I wanted, but he didn't see the point for something so trivial.

Cost is $1800. That assumes local pickup in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Want it shipped? Sure thing--I'll box and pad it and have Fed Ex Ground drop it on your doorstep. Add $100 for this option.

Pedals not included.

Previous owner rarely/never used the remote fork lockout, so I removed it from the bike. It is included with the sale, so you're covered if you know you'll use it.

Awesome bike.

Need it?