I am thinking about the Unit 2-9 as a single speed and need some size help. I am 5'11" ish with a 32 inch inseam. I like a more relaxed position on the bike, like the bar and seat height to be about even and tend to like stem lenghts at about 90 mm ish. I am going to put a 4 inch travel Reba on the bike and like to adjust saddle height down on the trail for descents.

So, I hear the 2-9 Unit comes in 18, 19 and 20 inches. Any suggestions?

Also, what would be a good wheelset (rims and hubs) for my needs? I would like a burly set of wheels, mainly the rear, for harder trail riding. I am about 200 lbs and have had bad luck with rear rims, even Mavic 819's. Not looking to spend crazy money, but also don't want the cheapest deal. I like the White essentric rear hub, but am not sure if I need it with the Unit's sliding dropouts. Any need or benefit to an essentric hub when I already have sliding dropouts? <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->