I was riding my 2nd lap at the 24hrs in the Old Pueblo when I came upon another rider on a Trek Fuel shortly after entering the first section of single track. I rode behind him for about 10 minutes or so, he was manitaining a very good pace, fast enough to keep me going, but also allowing me to recover a little. I was talking to him as we rode, pushing each other to catch those ahead of us. We were working well together. We went through the cattle gate on to the double track where I pulled out from behind him to get next to him so we could talk. I kept going, seems like I was keeping the same cadence, but I was going faster. The rider said to me "are you going to wait for me?" I replied "yes". He then noticed I was on a single speed and said to me "never mind, your a single speeder, crazy *******!" (jokingly so).

I just smiled and picked up the pace. Thinking about what he said, I am proud to be a SS'er. I realized he wasn't talking to me, but all of us. It seems that other bikers, especially gearies take notice when SS'ers are around. This guy knew nothing of me, but of the group I belong. It's good to know that SS'ers are respected among the bike community.

Thanks to all who attended the 24hrs in the Old Pueblo it was a roit and damn COLD. To those who have never attended, try to. Tall all SOLO riders, your are ANIMALS and good work.

What a great bonding experience far all, hope everyone had a good time.