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    Cool-blue Rhythm Introduction, and a couple of deal alerts...


    I've been lurking for the past week or so after I found this forum. I'm mostly a recreational rider - at least compared to some of the hardcore folk around here. I enjoy riding a lot, though work and studies only permit me weekend rides (I do bike to work everyday). I also enjoy building bikes, mostly from 'found' components and scrounged ones from the 'used parts' bin at our LBS.
    I have built five bikes so far, all of them for road + light off-road use - I enjoy making something that fits my needs exactly (so no gears ever!), plus did I mention I can do it on the cheap

    Well, the only bike I ever spent real money on - a nice Trek single-track MTB, got stolen last week I took it out for a ride on the one nice day we've had in Boston for months - and I didn't even make it to the river! I just wanted to make sure everything was ship-shape for the coming spring season oh well, easy come, easy go... plus it gives me an excuse to build another bike!

    This will be the first real MTB I'll try my hand at, so I hope it goes ok. In looking around for framesets and such, I came across these deals - some ridiculously cheap (though neglected)
    bikes on eGay. I can't use them (other side of the country), thought I'd pass them along...

    can't go wrong for $10 eh


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    Bought both - Thanks

    Welcome to the hangout! I've just been here a week or two myself. Thanks for the heads up on the ebay bikes, I bought both. I hope to pick them up this weekend and will promptly convert at least one to SS for my wife or brother. I'll try to give the other to a friend or aquaintance to introduce them to the passion. It's amazing how stoked people get when you give them an old but functional bike to ride. I've had the pleasure of doing this several times and I'm always looking for free or very cheap bikes to fix up and give away.
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    Welcome to the "clan"

    To bad about the stolen bike. My commuter bike was stolen from my front porch last summer and I have just "finished" its replacement. I too enjoy fixing up old bikes and giving them to others (sometimes I keep some...). Matter of fact, this morning I'm taking a galfriend out to the local trails on her son's old bike that I converted to SS, a sweet old specialized steel frame. Ah, such fun!

    bike ON


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